This Tiny Tokyo Apartment Isn't So Bad

Image: ANNnewsCH

There are some things going for it: the building is still new, clean and convenient. Big, however, it's not.

Japan's ANN News visited the building, which is a year and a half old and located in Shibuya. The apartment is tiny, even by Japanese standards.

Image: ANNnewsCH

The featured one-room measures 3-jo (畳), which means "three tatami mats." That's around 53-square feet.

Image: ANNnewsCH

There is only enough space in the entryway for three pairs of shoes.

The kitchen is in the hallway, which isn't uncommon for one-room apartments in Japan.

Image: ANNnewsCH

Here is the refrigerator. This is a good use of space.

The washing machine is in the main room. That is, the room.

Image: ANNnewsCH

About three people can sit in the room.

Image: ANNnewsCH

Since the apartment doesn't have a balcony, which most do, laundry must be hung in the room.

Image: ANNnewsCH

There isn't a bathtub, but just a shower. For Japanese people, that might be a big deal, because folks here usually like taking baths.

Image: ANNnewsCH

The toilet is small. But it's clean and not unbearable.

Image: ANNnewsCH

There is a loft for sleeping, which is also an excellent use of space.

The monthly rent is 61,500 yen ($US579), and the apartment is only five minutes from Hatagaya Station.

While small, it doesn't make the list of Japan's worst apartments.


    So it is like $185 AUD a week... fuck that.

    I am not even sure if that is a rip off by area standards, but still... fuck that.

      looks like it's about 10min away from Tokyo center, which is fairly convenient. you can definitely get bigger spaces further away (at least when i lived there 3 years ago)

      given Tokyo's night life is fairly decent, their working culture and an awesome public transport system (compared to AU anyway haha), if all he's doing is sleeping in his apartment and making the occasional breakfast / dinner. it's actually not that bad

        an awesome public transport system (compared to AU anyway haha)

        Australia has a public transport system?


      I dunno, man. When I first arrived to Melbourne a while ago, I flat-shared for a couple years while living in the CBD, which pretty much means living in a bedroom... and boy, does this look like an upgrade. Sure, the toilet/shower are miserably small, but on the other hand, it is not shared, which--if you have flat-shared you should know--is worth it.

    Man, I couldn't live like that, I'll stay on my 5 acres, heh.

    How is a person suppose to fit their Zettai ni Noritai Rapurasu?

    As long as it's quiet and private and yours alone, it's a million times better than flatting. Like some ancient philosopher said, "hell is other people", and boy does that statement hold for flatting. Also, given that that flat is in hella prime real estate in Tokyo, the price is actually quite reasonable - the same sorta thing in New York or San Fran would prob be $1000 week or more.

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