Tokyo Police Charge YouTubers In 'Free Boobs' Stunt

Since last spring, there have been a couple isolated incidents of YouTubers holding signs that read, "Free oppai" ("Free boobs"), encouraging people to feel their breasts. Today, the Japanese media reports that charges have been filed against YouTubers in an alleged incident from this January.

Image: ANNnewsCH

Warning: This article has content readers might find objectionable.

It hasn't only been women offering "free boobs" with apparent hopes of building up YouTube channels, but as you can see in this clip from February, "free chinchin" ("free weenie"), too.

The charges, however, were filed against an 18-year-old male high school student and a 16-year-old female student for disturbing the peace during an alleged separate event that reportedly happened in Tokyo's Shibuya on January 28.

According to Sankei, a woman wearing the above costume (pictured in the top image) allegedly allowed 20 men and women to feel her breasts, while the male student allegedly filmed the incident with his smartphone. There was a sign that read "Free oppai". Another man - a 23-year-old who works for a production company - also filmed the passers-by and was also charged with disturbing the peace.

The 16-year-old student reportedly told authorities, "We increased our views and got advertising money."


    Got a bit freaked out when I read a 16 year old girl was involved.

    The clip doing the rounds right now was an older lady thank god and was actually pretty funny.
    She was calling for world peace and everyone was being overly polite and bowing.
    (Some were visibly rattled, but they seemed to think it was a TV stunt)

    Japan's ideas about sex are weird. Every single story about sex coming from Japan confirms it.

      Mate do you think that just because these stories come out that Japan has a weird take on sex

        No. I think that because I lived there for six years.

        Last edited 15/03/18 9:43 am

    This could be kinda useful for gay guys who wanna know what breasts feel like...

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