Turns Out Black Cat Is One Hell Of A Troll

DC Comics' Catwoman has been in the news lately thanks to her glitzy engagement to the Dark Knight. But when it comes to cat-themed super-thieves, who's going to question Felicia Hardy herself stealing the spotlight for a knowing wink at Gotham City's newest power couple?

Felicia Hardy, Marvel's Black Cat, in Spectacular Spider-Man #300. Image: Goran Parlov and Giada Marchisio (Marvel Comics)

Last week's Spectacular Spider-Man #300 continued the ongoing insanity of Peter Parker's battle with the Tinkerer, but the celebratory issue also included a brief backup story that revolved around Spidey's past with the Black Cat. The Canary, by Chip Zdarsky, Goran Parlov and Giada Marchisio is a short affair and concerns Felicia finding herself down on her cash reserves in the wake of Kingpin's dominance over New York City as its latest mayor. When examining a few of her trinkets to potentially pawn off, she happens upon a small cubic zirconia-studded ring that flashes her back to the memory of a rooftop chase with Spider-Man.

The ring, dubbed the Canary "Diamond", is something Felicia stole years ago and is virtually worthless outside of a historical context. Spidey's more baffled as to why Felicia wants to steal it than he is concerned about her thievery. Which is when a suddenly flustered Felicia, pondering their tumultuous romantic past, turns around to face him and, well...

A Cat proposes to a Spider... Image: Goran Parlov and Giada Marchisio (Marvel Comics)

Does that splash page look familiar to you?

... and a Bat proposes to a Cat in Batman #24. Image: Danny Miki, David Finch, and Jordie Bellaire (DC Comics)

Very cheeky.

But before you start celebrating the happy super-couple, turns out Felicia was just distracting poor Pete and uses the moment to make her escape:

Pity poor Peter Parker. Image: Goran Parlov and Giada Marchisio (Marvel Comics)

So there's no wedding bells for the Spider and the Cat, just a playful jab at another comics couple, and a hapless Spider-Dude who just can't catch a break.


    What is wrong with her chin?!

      You know whats worse. Her tits. They JOIN UP at the end like they become one big tit. LOL

    ...my.....my feelings...

    That's the spidey I know and love.

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