Twitch Glitch Deletes Weeks Of Videos

Twitch Glitch Deletes Weeks Of Videos

Past broadcasts on Twitch are stored for a little while before they’re automatically deleted. Streamers can create highlights from these past broadcasts that will stay around permanently for viewers to watch. That is, unless something goes wrong.

Something went wrong.

Users trying to access highlights from some videos on Twitch have been encountering network errors. It turns out this was because of a glitch that caused Twitch’s automatic deletion of past broadcasts to also delete the highlights from broadcasts that expired between February 26 and March 8. These highlights are permanently deleted and unrecoverable, according to an email Twitch sent to users.


Past broadcasts are stored for different lengths of time for different types of users on Twitch. For partners and Twitch Prime subscribers, past broadcasts are stored for 60 days which means highlights from streams between December 28 and January 7 are affected. Everyone else’s past broadcasts are only stored for 14 days which means highlights from February 12 to February 22 are gone.

It looks like the error has since been addressed and shouldn’t crop up again.

It’s not great for people who relied on Twitch to store these videos. It is a great reminder to back up your data, even streams.

Twitch users can download past broadcasts through the site’s video manager, accessible through your dashboard. Alternatively you can make local recordings of your broadcasts through streaming software such as OBS.

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