Undertale, South Park, Okami And Other Games Are Coming To Switch

Undertale, South Park, Okami And Other Games Are Coming To Switch

A sudden Nintendo Direct brings with it a handful of ports that you can play on the subway or while laying in bed. Here’s a list of all of the fresh ports making their way to the Switch.


Capcom’s cult classic Zelda-like brings gorgeous art and extremely pet-able wolf gods to the Switch. It releases this summer and is a great game to play while relaxing on the beach. Just don’t tell Tim


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

He’s a cute little Toad and he’s out to collect coins. The Switch port will levels from Super Mario Odyssey and a two player mode that you can enjoy on July 13th.



Let’s be real. You’re gonna play this and you’re not gonna have a bad time. The Switch is a perfect place to chill with Papyrus and the gang. Launch details will arrive at a later date.


Little Nightmares: Complete Edition

This moody sidescroller is pretty straightforward but the creature design is top notch. Slinking around the shadows and solving puzzles should be a good time if you don’t play it in the dark. The version even includes biazrre functionality with the Pac-Man amiibo to give a silly mask. Little Nightmares: Complete Edition releases on May 18th.


South Park: The Fractured But Hole

Mysterion, Mint Berry Crunch, and more heroes are coming to the Switch to fight RPG battles and make crass jokes. I’m sure Nintendo Japan’s localisation team will have a field day with this one. You can go on down to South Park again on April 24th.


Crash Bandicoot Trilogy

OK, what the heck? 1996 called and the universe is broken because Crash is going to be on a Nintendo console. The remastered versions of Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot: Warped are coming to Switch on July 10.

Super Smash Bros

Undertale, South Park, Okami And Other Games Are Coming To Switch


Super Smash Bros Is Coming To The Switch This Year

Finally announced at the end of this morning's Direct, Nintendo has finally confirmed what many have wanted. Super Smash Bros on the Switch.

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  • The expansion for splatoon looks amazing too, and the trailer had fantastic music!

    And that solaire amiibo is just the best.

    • I love that the only thing it seems to do is praise the sun.

      That’s it.

      And everyone loves it.

  • There’s a remarkable amount of titles I’m interested in coming out of this Nintendo Direct. Captain Toad and Crash are ports that I didn’t get to pick up originally, a Wii style tennis game sounds like a great casual game I can play with my partner, Octopath Traveller will hopefully scratch the JRPG itch I have and I finally have a reason to be excited about Splatoon!

  • I knew Captain Toad would be announced. There’s not a Wii U 1st party title that won’t be ported to Switch.

    • They are adding extra content so it’s not a straight port. Not to mention that wiiU wasn’t a huge seller so a lot of people missed out on a bunch of great games. Makes sense to port them all.

      • Why would I care about the people who didn’t bother to buy a Wii U?
        I want new games. Their experience has no impact on the money I’ve already spent.

        • Well, Nintendo aren’t making games specifically for you. Sorry.
          I’m just saying it makes sense to make ports of the WiiU games from Nintendo’s point of View.

          • Yeah but, why do I care about their perspective? I understand that as a Wii U owner I’m the minority, but why would I care about their experience over mine? My experience has been buying a Wii U only for it to be outdated by a similar console in three years that was just marketed better and sold more units because of sheeple riding the hype train. These “new” games aren’t giving a lot of Wii U owners much to look forward to. For our loyalty to Nintendo we got to cough up another $400 and re-purchase Mario Kart.
            What part of that should I be stoked about?
            I’m not excited for Switch owners having a chance to play Wii U games they missed out on in the same way that I don’t feel sorry Bungie for Destiny 2 sucking.

          • I also own a WiiU but I am excited for these ports. The more people that enjoy the games, the more likely they will get sequels. To me, you just sound bitter.

          • If you need a perspective that benefits you personally then porting these games with a chunk of new content probably takes a quarter or less of the effort of making a new game and nets a truckload of dosh for Ninty to funnel into making the new installments huge.

          • That’s a delusion. Maybe a fantasy at best. The money goes to Nintendo shareholders and gets dispersed several magnitudes before hitting development teams. This is Nintendo scalping their older Wii U titles to keep that bubble from bursting.
            They are two different streams and I doubt you’ll see the benefits to internal developers until 18 months down the track.

        • In short, the better these ports do, the more money developers will be willing to put into new games for the Switch. Even Nintendo will be more willing to try some new IP if their spin-off games (Pokken Tournament, Captain Toad, Hyrule Warriors) do well with a bigger audience.

          • Again, that’s great for Nintendo; not for people that bothered to buy a Wii U.

        • Good argument. Similarly, Nintendo doesn’t care that much about /you/. Not particularly, when dozens of thousands other people will be happy and buy these games. It’s good that both Nintendo and you get to care the most for your interests!

          • Soz. I’m so used to having to suck up the heavy backlash my unpopular port/remaster fatigue based opinions induce.
            It’s becoming a pattern… I’m back to getting each comment moderated every time a Nintendo Direct happens.
            It’s everybody’s fault but mine.

      • Unless the new content equals or exceeds the original content (and is accessible without having to first go through the original content again) then for me it’s not enough to differentiate it from being “just another port”.

        If it were another all-new Captain Toad game it would have been the standout reveal of the Direct for me, I’d be bouncing off the walls. Instead it’s just got me sighing again.

        • I don’t think they could risk doing a new one yet as the last one didn’t do so well because it was a wii U game.

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