VR Sex Devices Continue To Progress (NSFW)

Image: M-Fumi

This is called the "V1" and claims to be a fully-automatic VR self-pleasuring device. The V1 is "hands-free." Of course, it is.

Warning: Not safe for work content to follow.

YouTuber M-Fumi uploaded the clip below, which has also racked up nearly two-million views on Twitter.

Besides allowing for speed and pressure control, the device claims to use voice recognition.

The V1 is not the first of its kind and won't be the last.


    This makes me think wonder how orwellian Blade Runner 2049 could be.

    Now integrate it into honey select with the VR first person mod so you have graphics you'd actually want to fap to

    My first thought whenever I see one of these setups is that something is going to go horribly wrong and it will just rip your penis off.

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