Want A Golden Banana? Then This Sea Of Thieves Treasure Hunt Is For You

Want A Golden Banana? Then This Sea Of Thieves Treasure Hunt Is For You
Image: Microsoft

Rare and Microsoft are sending players on a treasure hunt to find 18-carat gold bananas to celebrate next week’s launch of Sea of Thieves. Yes, golden bananas. No, this is not a promotion for a new Donkey Kong game.

Sea of Thieves launches on Xbox One and PC next week and to mark the event there’s treasure up for grabs. Scattered across the globe are riddles leading to golden bananas made by London’s famous Smith & Harris Goldsmiths valued at £20,000 (AU$35,240). Intrepid treasure-seekers can team up with two of their friends to solve a series of riddles in the hunt for these bananas.

Starting at 7:00PM AEDT and continuing for three days, a series of fifteen riddles will be released every few hours both online and in real-world locations for players to find and solve. Once the riddles have all been released at 7:00AM AEDT on March 21 The Passage will open on the promotion’s website and participants can plug in their solution to try and stake a claim to the golden bananas.

Don’t dally though, only the first crew to answer correctly from each region will get access to the final riddle on March 22. There will be other prizes throughout the competition for participants.

As usual, Canberra will miss out on a chance to participate in the real world treasure hunt. Instead the Australian clues will be hidden somewhere in Sydney. There will also be riddles to find in Berlin, Paris, London, Florida and Victoria (the Canadian one, we Aussies don’t get to double-dip). Anyone not lucky enough to live in one of these locations can still take part in the challenge online.

Riddles can pop up pretty much anywhere so you’ll have to keep an eye on the various Xbox and Rare social media pages to try and find them all. Or you could try and steal notes from people over at the Sea of Thieves subreddit.

For those that are still wondering why the hunt is for bananas, bananas are a healing item in Sea of Thieves. I was hoping it would be so that people like me could make banana puns because there’s always value in banana puns. Alas no, it’s because it makes sense in the game being promoted.



  • Biggest riddle is if this is a game or not. Played first beta and for me, the biggest drawback was when steering the ship, you could not see where you are going, as the sails are in the way. Did not grab me in any way and made me very confused as to what you were meant to do.
    Golden bananas aside, pretty sure, this is not the game for me.

    • The main point of the game is the social interaction, so part of that is having a bud telling you where to navigate. Which is great if you have friends to play with, not so great if you’re playing with mic-less randoms. The solo ship is better, but it does get a bit grindy when you’re on your own.

    • Perfectly easy to see if you go about 3/4ths down with the sail instead of the full way. Full sail on open seas with communication, then back to half or so once you get close to land. Works well if you communicate!

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