Watching Paddington 2 Before And After The VFX Is Fascinating

GIF: Youtube / Studiocanal

Blending CGI and live-action together seamlessly isn't an easy job. But seeing how it goes from on set to the final frames is pretty fascinating, especially when a cute bear's involved.

The Framestore YouTube channel has uploaded a five minute showreel showcasing some of the before-and-after VFX shots of Paddington 2, including some of the scenes where actors were standing in for the diminutive bear, and other scenes where the bear was absent entirely.

It's a great indication of the amount of work involved in bringing good CGI to life, some of the equipment required on set, and how some of the framing is done for each scene.

Paddington 2 is still screening at some theatres nationally, although if you don't see it by Wednesday there's a good chance you'll have to wait for the online release.


    Those are some darn impressive effects at time. Like, when they digitally add the water to the river, you would have no idea unless you knew exactly what you're looking for. I sure don't.

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