What Are You Playing This Easter Weekend?

With the Easter long weekend about to kick off, there's never been a better time to go on a little journey.

RPGs and open worlds are great to explore whenever you have three or four days off, and there's a couple that I'll enjoy (in bits and pieces) over the Easter break. The first is my very slow, mass-enchanter playthrough of Divinity: Original Sin 2. I've become weirdly obsessive compulsive when it comes to all the quests, something I'm not usually a completionist about. But when you need every shred of XP to make sure you can mince enemies in your path, it's a bit of a requirement.

The other open world in my household at the moment is Far Cry 5. Tegan's been ripping up Montana over the last couple of days, and it's been fun watching rednecks get mowed down by her ravenous attack dogs.

What are you playing over the long Easter weekend? Besides fitting all the chocolate in your belly, of course.


    I will be playing some Far Cry 5 on the pc. Contrary to Luke’s article earlier I am having frequent crashes. It’s frustrating because I am really enjoying the game!
    I will be mixing in some monster hunter world too, got some grinding to do!

    never got into the Far Cry series (or many other open world games to be honest)

    I get to continue Ni No Kuni 2

    Finished Unravel (with platinum) and now back on Dragon Age Origins.

    Grinding away in Dynasty Warriors Next to get all the officer cards and get sibling/spouse status for all officers. Then I'll probably give it a rest.

    I promised my daughter she could play Unravel after I'd finished, so I'll probably watch her do that.

    Me & a buddy are going to Co-op A Way Out which should be plenty of fun. Both being older gamers with kids, wife etc etc, co-coordinating a date/time is a game in it self!

    I haven't played a Far Cry game since Blood Dragon so i got 5.

    Have been enjoying it a lot so far and will probably be playing it a bunch this weekend.

    I also have Kirby Star Allies for when i'm on the road!

    Been playing through Tomb Raider (2013) again. Will knock that off. Also WW2 and overwatch.

    I’ve played a bit of Drunkn bar fight on PSVR. It’s average. But I reckon it could be good fun drunk. Might have some friends over and see how that goes.

    Far Cry 5 , Forza 7 and Good old Witcher 3. Might even give Elite another bash after recent update to see what the galaxy has in store.

    f1 2015 that was freeeeeee (thank you kotaku)

    Just picked up a new 27in gaming monitor today so going to let rip.

    FC5 with the misuses (providing baby permits) - Overwatch and eating chocolate eggs

    Far Cry 5, but its so incredibly janky I'm not sure how long I can last. It's like the AI systems were only put together at the last minute and the balance isn't quite right.

    Ni No Kuni 2 and Far Cry for me this long weekend.

    I wanna play far cry 5 too!

    But I am busy with Bloodborne. Will get through old yharnam n ducking kill Djura with his gatling gun. The annoying ducker.

      Give him a kick off the tower from me! The old bugger!

        Will do!

        Also bought fc5. But cant play cuz going away fr a couple of days. :(

        I will be back djura.

    I'll be finishing off my playthrough of SO 4 and then getting into Tera (I bought a founder pack for early access on PS4).

    Picked up Neir:Autotomato today, also going to be playing some kharadron overlords/fyreslayers v chaos on Saturday

    So much fucking FC5. Might possibly do some MHW as well for the next week's weekly, but I dunno, man... this FC5 stuff is pretty damn absorbing.

    Primarily Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I bought it just over a week ago and am super sucked it. I'm not saying it's a better game but for me personally, I'm having more fun with it than Breath of the Wild.

    Probs get around to finishing tomb raider and dick around in horizon maybe

    Pulled the trigger on Golf Story. Enjoying it so far.

    The Far Cry series is one of the ones that sets me off with Simulator Sickness (like motion sickness) so I'm not gonna be spending money on FC5 :(

    If I get the time I'll be trying to get more into the Wolcen early access to see how it's progressed since it was name-changed from Umbra. There are a ton of improvements that sound worth checking out.

    That and some time in WoW, apparently we're still raiding over Easter *sigh*

    On a WoW hiatus, waiting for new/pre-BfA content - jumped back on SWToR for the first time in years, having fun with that again. Levelled a Sith Juggernaut and a Jedi Sentinel over the past week, taking advantage of the 2x XP event. Really just using it to keep busy until BfA.

    Any other time will be probably involve me jumping into Sea of Thieves wholesale, looking to get some pirating done with a crew. Enjoying what I've played so far, can see the lack of depth people mention, but I think it depends what you're going in for. I think we've all been spoilt too badly with skill points/skill trees/levelling up/loot for years now to remember what just playing a game for fun feels like. We're too preoccupied with the endorphin phat loot/level up hit. Doesn't excuse a game for lacking depth/content but I don't think it's near as bad as people are making out. Devs seem super responsive too, so figuring it's gonna be a No Man's Sky type deal.

    I'm also on call, so providing the support gods don't take a ceremonial dump on my leisure plans it should be good.

    I picked up bioshock on my Ps4 on special so a bit of that. I've played it so many times on my pc but I still like it, so I shelled out for the same game again. Possibly not the best use of my money but I really like the original game.

    Also injustice 2 with my kids (they're obsessed) and some Divinity 2 if I can find the time. I bought it a few weeks ago and really having trouble getting into it. I loved NWN and Dragonage Origins so thought I would love it too but I'm really not feeling it yet.

    Space Quest IV.

    What? It's a good game.

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