What Browser Do You Use Day-To-Day?

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For a while, this was a simple, default answer: Chrome. Everybody used Chrome. But over the last year or so, there's been good reason to rethink that.

I've played around with a few browsers over the last 12 months, partially because it's a good experience to write about. But also because it's important to regularly see whether you're getting the best deal.

Over the last few weeks I've switched from Chrome to one of the Firefox Quantum betas. I'd switched previously last year, but the performance wasn't as snappy as I liked. It's since improved a little to where the difference is imperceptible - at least in my daily usage - and I like how the browser functions enough that I'm happy using it over Chrome for now.

My experiment with Edge last year was disappointing enough that I haven't returned, although surely Microsoft will eventually bring that browser up to speed. I imagine most people will still

Another browser that I've kept my eye on is Vivaldi, a freeware browser that's had the odd tiff with Google over the last couple of years. I've not spent a significant amount of time with it over the last few months, but I'm curious to know if anyone out there has tried it consistently, and how it holds up.

What browser do you use?


    Why give your data to Google unnecessarily? Firefox now has IMO the fastest browser on the market, so its a no-brainer to use it now. Edge is better than people give it credit for (I use it at work no dramas), but given the choice, I'd use Firefox still.

    I will however give special mention to Vivaldi, I really like their UI design and wish more companies would follow in their footsteps in that regard.

      I agree, I stay off the google train as much as possible, duckduckgo for search, Firefox for browsing, no Gmail.
      Haven't heard of Vivaldi, will check it out.

        I try duckduckgo search every now and again, but find it misses results I can get immediately from Google

    I use chrome on desktop and android. On my iPad I use safari. But it’s getting really hard to use chrome on android for kotaku and giz as the adds are getting really bad! I haven’t found a decent Adblock without root or using another browser.

      Firefox for android supports ad-blockers like ublock origin, maybe you should give it a try?

      Try Brave. Fastest browser I've found. Ads are automatically blocked and you can opt to donate direct to publishers as compensation, if you so desire.

        Cheers for the recommendation. I did try it but It wouldn't sync with my google account which I really need for work stuff as well.

      I use ad block plus for Samsung, it goes as far as blocking tweets that get posted in articles.

        Thanks for the recommendation. Yeah I had that on my S8+ but have since changed handsets. No longer able to use knox apps.

          Catch is you need to change settings in the actual ad block app, not in the browser add-ons section.

    I've been using Firefox since around 2008 or so and though I've dabbled in Chrome a couple of times it's never been enough to make me switch. The main reason I use Chrome these days is as a secondary browser at work because most of what I do needs multiple browser support.

    Firefox Focus on android is lightning if you are after a barebones approach to browsing

    I never went to Chrome because it couldn't handle the ridiculous amount of tabs I have open at all times. I mean, Firefox couldn't either with multiple crashes, but Chrome ate even more memory somehow.

    Now I have 16GB and everything is great. Still haven't swapped to Chrome though. Why would I need to?

    Chrome on pc/ laptop and some adblock browser on Android

    Firefox for the amazing bookmark tagging feature. Chrome has slightly better debugging tools so I use both for development

    Switched back to Firefox from Chrome on Windows. I only keep Chrome installed for work purposes.

    Still using Safari on macOS.

    Never liked Chrome, always been a Firefox guy. Which is why it's so annoying that they keep trying to change it to be more like Chrome. If I wanted to be using Chrome I'd be doing so already, stupid.

    I've got Opera as a side-browser for things that melt my overloaded Firefox because I've got a bajillion tabs sitting around waiting to (never) be dealt with.

    I switched from Chrome to Brave late last year. Not as much customization as others for your extensions, but it's super fast & auto blocks ads as well as trackers.

    Been using Firefox for years, on Android it's a bit of a sluggish experience but being able to sync tabs overcomes that.

    I was disappointed when Firefox released the Australis interface, because imo it was basically copy paste Chrome. If I wanted to use Chrome I would, don't copy their interface.

    I use Opera on PC. It's really fast, has DuckDuckGo as the default search engine, ad-block and also a built-in VPN to get around geo-blocking. It doesn't work with Netflix or Amazon (I use an external VPN for that), but it gets around almost everything else on the internet. Great browser.

    I use chrome for a couple of streaming services since I seem to have less issues with it, everything else I use firefox and have for 10 years.

    I use Firefox and always have, never switched to Chrome (except when I needed to test stuff in it). I'll likely keep using Firefox. I'm an old school Netscape user.

    Until I can chromecast in other browsers, it is Chrome for me.

    Not gonna lie, every browser that isn't Chrome or Firefox is aids for us web developers & designers. Other browsers have too many rendering issues & don't follow W3C standards properly (I'm looking at you Edge & IE!). I prefer Chrome for its customisation & Dev Tools (also puppeteer is awesome). The other reason I prefer Chrome is because their APIs are awesome, IoT tools built into the browser? Yes please. Don't get me wrong though, Firefox is also a great browser and has a better remote debugger for screensharing your phone in their Dev Tools that works over WiFi whereas with Chrome I need my phone plugged in.

    I pretty much stick to Chrome, but I find the bookmark manager unusable so I use Bookmark OS

    I used to use Chrome, but since I got a new MacBook Pro a couple of weeks ago I've been all-Safari all the time because Chrome's support for macOS power management is terrible (and Firefox's is even worse).

    Safari's nice.

    I still use Chrome on Windows though because Firefox is slow as a dog there. Maybe I'll try Edge though.

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