What Games Did You Want To Love, But Couldn't?

Image: Super Cricket 2

Having spent a lot of time playing Cricket 97 on my Surface laptop, I thought it'd be reasonable to get a replacement on my phone. So I loaded up a game from an Aussie developer. The gameplay was pretty good, the action was smooth.

But as hard as I tried, there was something that I simply couldn't get past.

It's a problem facing plenty of mobile games: Constant. Bloody. Ads.

The game in question - Super Cricket 2 - bombarded me with the buggers. There was an ad at the end of every over. I got ads trying to go into the settings screen. Sometimes my Chrome browser would pop-up after pressing a menu prompt and I'd get one of those horrific mobile pop-ups that everyone dreads seeing. I got one just looking at the menu screen.

I uninstalled the game, finished the tutorial, and my reward: an ad telling me my phone had been "selected to receive a FREE new iPhone X".

That's the kind of stuff that makes you want to fire an app into the sun.

But there are plenty of games, ones where certain mechanics or levels are too much, games with systems that act as a barrier to fun instead of a contributor.

Quake 3 was like that for me as a kid, although the problem was technological. Playing online games with a dialup connection was a tough gig. Unreal Tournament and Counter-Strike were client-side focused games, so it was possible to enjoy those as a HPB. Quake 3? Not a chance.

Another example was Hearthstone. If I didn't have mobile black spots on my train line, I'd probably play it a bit more. But the game has frequent disconnects to and from work, and as a result I eventually had to give it up. It's a great card game. It plays great on mobile too. Unless you spend half your time reconnecting.

What games did you want to love, but couldn't?


    Darkest Dungeon.

    I loved the whole Lovecraftian vibe of it, but no matter how much I tried I just could not get into the game itself. Just felt too hard, too grindy, too random. I eventually had to admit to myself that I wasn't enjoying it at all and stopped wasting my time trying to force myself to enjoy it.

      I really enjoyed darkest dungeon but i agree on the grindiness. It's a game i could have played WAY more of if it didn't get so chore like

      Yeah it's a game that I still really want to love but it feels like there are never any victories. When you win you still feel like you are losing haha. I never feel a sense of accomplishment.

      This and space Hulk deathwing.

    Mass Effect. Couldn't get into it, I like the premise and I like sci-fi.

    Played ME2 and got maybe half way through before I reached an area that kept crashing (on PS3) and gave up.

    Also any Zelda game ever.

    I love puzzles and things - should have been a perfect game for me. But it just made me so so motion sick.

    Ignoring any mobiles games...

    This is going back some time now but I remember being pretty disappointed with One Must Fall: Battlegrounds, which was the sequel to the 2D PC fighting game One Must Fall: 2097. In Battlegrounds they made it a big massive multiplayer 3D brawler. The concept itself was pretty cool, and I really wanted to like it, but bad bugs and lack of variety in gameplay really hurt it for me.

    Massive chalice
    I haven't totally give up on this one, when I have the time to play it I'll try another deep dive. I have enjoyed some of the time I have played with it and may grow on me if I have the time. But something is missing to stop me wanting to keep playing. A large part of it is time and the capability to focus on strategic decisions. Similar to why I couldn't finish X-Com.
    I have a bloodline in the game as well so there is extra incentive to love it

    The Witcher 3 on Xbox One.

    Grindey, repetitive stuff through beautiful but samey landscapes full of background characters from Monty Python's holy grail, with an overlay of overly complex preparation rubbish before you could fight anyone except the aforementioned muck-lords, all for an arrogant wanker of a main character and a bunch of other jerks I cared very little for. Got bored after hours of doing the same thing (and avoiding Gwent like the plague), put it on my shelf and never went back.

    Dishonourable mention to erm, Dishonoured on PS3, there just seemed to be no way to play that game as a good guy, the central theme being "Here's a bunch of cool powers! Oh but don't use them or you'll be corrupted for all eternity". What a dick move!

    Mass Effect: Andromeda:

    As a huge, borderline obsessive Mass Effect fan, I tried to ignore "the haters" and play the game, but over a short period of time, the faults and flaws grew increasingly obvious.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider:

    Absolutely loved the 2013 reboot, was so excited for the sequel, had to wait an additional year due to the X-Box One timed exclusivity (I have a PS4), was ultimately disappointed with the experience. The game felt like a chore to play.

    Resident Evil VII:

    Got stuck in one of the Jack Baker fight scenes (where you fight him with a chainsaw), could never win, was stuck for over a week, the game lost its fear/fun factor and just became frustrating. I just stopped enjoying it and I know for a fact REVII is a damn good game, but because I couldn't get passed this one bit (seriously, I was stuck for over a week), I couldn't enjoy it anymore.

    Star Wars: Battlefront II:

    Microtransactions and loot crates. Thanks, EA.

    Secret of Mana (PS4 remake):

    Thanks for destroying a childhood classic, Square-Enix.

    Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X:

    They're both critically acclaimed games, but I just couldn't get into them. I did finish Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Nintendo Switch, though. Pretty good, despite its flaws.

      I detested Mass Effect Andromeda with a passion and took me around 20 hours before I grew to love it so I'm not surprised you bounced off it

        I'm glad to hear that you eventually enjoyed Mass Effect: Andromeda, but I was left so disappointed by the experience.

    Far too many to list, countless steam games with 1 hour played or less.

    Star Wars Kotr - boring slow clunky, loved the 3rd person jedi games, just couldnt get into it .

    Snake Pass - frustrating POS

    Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero - meh

    Offworld Trading Company - finished campaign, havent touched since

    FTL - meh no thanks, couldnt get into the controls

    Eye Divine Cybermancy - videos looked so cool, game was super weird with a horrible UI, looked like a bargain halflife mod

    Stellaris - zzzzzzzz

    Age of Decadence and Dragon's Dogma come to mind.

    I tried many different build but the playstyle of Decadence is way different than the way i play other CRPG's, not to even mention the crap that is Dungeon rats.

    Dragon's Dogma just... felt... average. I tried it for a good couple of hours, having the rooks was interesting but there was nothing keeping me playing, not the story or the gameplay.

    For me it was Wasteland. Love turn based stuff, loved x-com, but just didn't connect with Wasteland at all.

      Weirdly me either and this is from someone who the game should be perfect for and I loved the original Wasteland

    Mobile Networks on Trains are the worst! I played Hearthstone on the PC before the mobile but the mobile version was so convenient but due to drop outs on the train i almost never play competitive any more as there is nothing worse than loosing a game you were going to win because you missed a turn due to a blackspot.

    For me the biggest culprit is Bloodbourne, having played all the Dark Souls games before getting it i was sure this was going to be a slam dunk but unfortunately my slower Shield based play in Dark Souls didn't do me any favors in Bloodbourne and i gave up after only beating the first two bosses.

    Currently it's farcry4 and recently wolfenstien 2.
    Both games I loved their predecessors but just can't get into these ones. I did finish wolf 2 but yeah far cry is just boring me now.

    This thread makes me sad :( Way too many good games are getting mentioned.

    My biggest would have to be Witcher 3, great world but Geralt annoys me

    Sniper Elite 1. I love sniping and stealth in any game but this one had me referring to it as "SMG Elite" until I ultimately had enough and purged it from my hard drive forever. It mostly came down to cheaty AI and a broken stealth system. If the AI inside a building 2+ blocks away bum rushes you because you crawled down a street slightly faster than the slowest possible speed, something is very wrong.

    Mass Effect Andromeda. This ended up becoming a chore to play. I think it was really just how the whole story structure and overabundant side quests were set up. It left the player as little more than an errand boy (with all the talk of being a trailblazing explorer, despite the fact that literally everyone else got there first) and the whole thing just felt watered down.

    Evil Within. I do KIND OF like this one as it left me with a lot of nostalgic vibes for the original Resident Evil games, but the whole thing was an experience in shitty controls and cheap deaths.

    Any DLC Bethesda has ever made. Why do I keep buying this crap?

    Obligatory jab at Mario Odyssey again :P

    Oh, Bioshock. It always sounded so interesting whenever I'd read about it in magazines and such, then when I finally got to give it a go... I think I maybe made it an hour and a half in before nup.

    Anything by Bioware. I love RPGs but something about their brand of RPG that just feels fake and shallow to me. I get 5-10 hours in waiting for the hook and it just never comes.

    Lots of shoutouts here for andromeda but none singling out DA: Inquisition (i know the series has been mentioned above); I loved the first, enjoyed (a lot more than most it seems) the second, but Inquisition made a lot of the same mistakes of andromeda with the inane, repetitive & never ending side quests. Perhaps it’s because the story in Inquisition is better than Andromeda - just spread over so much game which consists of 1 part awesome:5 parts tedious.

    Dark Souls 3 - no idea why, loved all the previous entries & Bb, but got so far in 3 & just lost that usual ‘must keep going’ feeling.

    BOTW - one of the Zelda people who can appreciate everything awesome in the game (world/aesthetic) but got completely put off by design decisions that frustrated rather than challeneged (imo of course - realise i am minority)

    Deus Ex: HR - no idea why, should be completely up my street but found the story dull, the gameplay slow & just generally found it a conplete chore by the end. Enjoyed Mankind Divided (got it free) bizarrely a lot more.

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