What Games Do You Keep Coming Back To?

What Games Do You Keep Coming Back To?

Some games you can’t stay away from. No matter how much you try to say you’re done, it doesn’t matter. Somehow you find it on the screen in front of you and that means it’s time to play.

For me, that game is Spelunky.

I’ve always held to the idea that good games stay good. If you enjoyed a game several years ago then you’re pretty likely to still enjoy it again now. It’s not always true but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to revisit games from time to time.

Spelunky is a game that I’ve played so much that, at one point, it just became something to do with my hands while I was sitting idly at my desk. So I made a conscious effort to stop playing. Yet from time to time the siren calls and I must heads into the mines to die on spikes.

Pro wrestler Cody Rhodes used to play A Link To The Past every year. Maybe he still does. Rhodes wouldn’t be alone in doing so, classic games are perfect for regular revisits. You get the nostalgia kick on top of the great gameplay.

So what games do you keep coming back to?


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