What Keyboard Do You Use?

What Keyboard Do You Use?

Keyboards don’t seem like the sort of thing you’d pay too much attention to. You pick one that looks nice or fits your budget and plonk it on your desk. Done. Right? Not always.

There are enough different models out there with different bells and whistles that you can pay a lot of attention to keyboards and get quite snobby about it. Especially when you consider the amount of hours you can spend using it.

I’ll confess to being bit of a keyboard snob. For years I used a Ducky mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches. Those are the super clacky ones that make it sound like Thor is doing some demolition work when you unleash the full fury of your fingers.

My wife gave me a new keyboard for Christmas, a pink Ducky One with Cherry MX Brown switches. It’s less clacky – which I’m sure helped influence her choice to buy it for me – and has a nice smooth typing motion. Plus it’s pink. Pink things are inherently better.

Mechanical keyboards are great. The physical feedback from the keys feels pleasant and I’m sure someone can come up with a whole range of excuses why they’re better.

What I’ve never understood is when a keyboard has a whole bunch of additional macro keys and lights. Why do you need to light up your keyboard like a Christmas tree? There’s no need. You shouldn’t be looking at your keyboard, all you’ve done is put a bright neon distraction between you and your monitor.

Still, all of the brands aimed at gamers love putting bright lights on everything so there must be a market for it. Right? Or am I just being an old curmudgeon again?

Then there’s the whole thing about wireless vs wired. Yet another thing I may never understand. My keyboard doesn’t go anywhere so the question there is whether I prefer one more wire on my desk or the irregular hassle of having to change batteries. But I’m sure people that own wireless keyboards have their reasons for doing so.

Unfortunately I also have an Apple laptop and that keyboard is a constant source of frustration. At one point in my life I liked the low profile keyboard. Then some crumbs or dust or something got stuck under the ‘E’ key. Do you know how much it sucks to use a keyboard where the ‘E’ key only works most of the time? It sucks quite a lot and no amount of cleaning seems to fix it.

Enough about me, what are your thoughts on keyboards? Do you splash out for the biggest, shiniest thing in the land or stay with the stock standard el cheapo keyboard because you don’t care? What features do you want in a keyboard?

Oh and one last thing, clean your keyboard. These things get disgusting.


  • Just got my first mechanical keyboard yesterday. A MadGiga k380. Loud blue clicky keys, love it. And for $40 I cant really complain.

  • CM Storm Quick Fire TK – I love the way the numpad is integrated with the arrow keys. I find full size keyboards too big to comfortably play FPS games, my hands feel too far apart.

  • Running the Razer Ornata Destiny 2 edition at the moment (got it for free so it wasn’t my first choice).

    Hate it. It’s a mech-membrane hybrid so the keys are strangely clicky and rubbery all at the same time. Actuation weight feels quite high to (I’m not sure what the value is) so it’s just all sorts of uncomfortable.

    Looking at getting the K95 but I’m not ready to part with $350 just yet.

  • Razer DeathStalker.

    I used to use a cheap-o Logitech mini keyboard thing but then I spilled a drink on it, so I replaced it with the same one. Then I decided “I want a better keyboard” so I bought the Razer DeathStalker. And then I spilled a drink on it. So I bought a replacement!

    I’m very careful with drinks at the computer now.

  • Daskeyboard Professional. Cherry MxBrown, because I type more than I game.

    It is the Ur-Keyboard. Comfortable and beautiful. No need for lights or gew-gaws of that sort, just the smoothest action and the best hand feel ever. One could, I hope to prove, happily write a PhD on this thing.

    • +1 Das Keyboard.

      Mine is kitted with Cherry Browns, because I don’t hate the people in my office, and blank keycaps because you have to earn the right to type on my keyboard. (Also, the volume roller on the RHS is infinitely more useful than I originally thought it’d be.)

  • I use the Corsair Gaming Strafe keyboard with cherry brown switches at home. I’ll be buying a Ducky One 2 with cherry browns for work when we move to our new building in 2 weeks, mostly because the environment will be hot desk situation and I don’t want to share a keyboard with random people

  • Corsair K90 (The original version, with part Cherry Red switches and part capacitive) at home, and Corsair K65-Lux in the office replaced an OG Corsair K65.

    Absolutely in love with the Corsair keyboards ever since they were first announced. Happy to keep using them for as long as they make them. 🙂

  • I’ve had a Razer Blackwidow Chroma for over a year now. It’s served me dutifully. Recently, I’d been reading and looking over keyboard enthusiast comments and what the high end stuff is. I have no desire or means to upgrade my actual keyboard but I decided to tinker with the Blackwidow.

    I picked up some PBT keycaps to replace of the ABS letter caps and also some rubber o-rings and obviously a keycap puller.

    The PBT caps feel real nice under my fingers, bearing in mind I have no real point of comparison and while the o-rings have dampened the plastic-on-plastic clack it’s still got that nice tactile and audible click. The switches themselves are the kaihl(spelling?) branded ones before Razer started making their own switches/re-branding kaihl’s. They’re cherry clones so finding caps and o-rings was relatively easy.

    RGB lighting serves nothing more than an aesthetic purpose for me. I don’t have it programmed for any games or applications. I’d imagine wireless would be the same. Just less clutter on the actual desktop. I’m sure there’s probably other reasons, but I couldn’t tell you what they are.

  • Logitech MK520R, iirc. Nice and quiet, really comfortable to use, wireless, and I honestly don’t recall needing to replace the batteries in it in the 3-4 years I’ve had it.

  • Logitech G510S. I like the macro keys for the sims I play (E:D, FSX). And the little screen has a handy RSS feed that changes by game profile. So when playing Elite, I get Galnet news… 😀

  • Currently a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate with Cherry MX Blues <3

    But I am thinking of getting a Corsair K65 Wireless with Cherry MX Reds, if only it was RGB & not just blue LED’s, as my build is green themed…

  • I had an amazing corsair mechanical keyboard…. But a hot cup of tea later and now I’m using a 6 dollar keyboard from office works…

  • A ThinkPad Compact USB Keyboard: it has the same layout and feel as my laptop, so makes switching between them easier.

  • Razer Blackwidow Stealth at work, it has a great feel and isn’t too loud.

    Corsair K70 RGB with Cherry Blue. Very loud but feels good. Dedicated Media Keys and Volume

    I used to have a Logitech G510S, I loved that screen. But it wasn’t mechanical.

  • Logitech G710+
    Upgraded from the old Logitech G15.
    Absolutely love the crap out of that keyboard. 4 years down the track and still no urge to replace it. Never missed a beat.

    • Man I tried upgrading from a G15 to a G710 and absolutely hated it. Cheap plastic keys that kept falling off. After the second one failed I got it replaced with a G910 an have had no problems since. The only Logitech that was actually “DodgyTech”

  • Ducky Shine 2, MX Browns. Looking at an upgrade soon, Shine 6 is on the short list although I’m not a fan of the fin design on the away edge.

  • Razer Blackwidow Chroma Tournament Edition with Raze Green switches.
    I like that it doesn’t have the num-pad (which I rarely ever used) as it saves a bit of space on my desk.
    I also tried modifying with o-rings but didn’t like the feel (only tried it on WASD) so it’s just stock.
    The lights are a bit of a gimic but I don’t find it distracting and do have games set up to highlight the keys I use. Helps my tired old memory when I switch between games.
    On an off-topic post, I struggle alternating between two games when I play with controller. I switch between Shadow of War and Assassins Creed and curse for the first 10 minutes as I a madly mash buttons trying to hit someone!

  • At home for gaming and the computer on now Im running a Logitech G710+ which I think was one of their first mechanical gaming keyboards. Its on Cherry Browns. I have no complaints with this board at all and it has served me well. It has backlights but only in white. I run them at the lowest brightness with the WASD on a setting or two high not that its ever been needed. Also has a switch on it to disable the windows key. There’s 6 macro keys but I don’t know how to use them.

    For work I last week grabbed a Ducky One in white and green on Cherry Blues and its awesome. Great work keyboard wouldn’t play games on it though.

  • I’m using a Mad Catz STRIKE 5, and I do like it however I’m really starting to get sick of the squishiness of membrane keyboards these days and I want a mechanical. Problem is I’ve never seen a mechanical I like the look of or isn’t boring, except for one or two typewriter style ones which are quite expensive. Plus the dial screen stopped working a couple years ago.

    I still have the first keyboard I ever bought, a Logitech G15, and it still works flawlessly on my media PC (along with it’s G5 mouse brother) 12 years later!

  • Logitech g910, upgraded from a g15 when It was released after trying one at PAX. Love it but the S key has lost its decal. G15 still in good working condition, but not sure I could go back to a membrane style Kb.

    I also have a Coolermaster Masterkeys Pro S, which is a bit more portable… It fits in the backpack with the lappy.

  • At home I have a Corsair Gaming K70 Rapidfire keyboard with the Cherry MX keys. I frikkin’ hate it!

    At work I have a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop that I absolutely love. That said, between work and home, my usage is every different. I do not know if I’d be as enamoured of the Sculpt if I had one there too.

  • I have my 6gv2 cherry black since 2011, still my favourite keyboard to date for gaming.

    Bought a Topre Type Heaven (capacitive) for work, really love it for work but terrible keys for gaming.

    After that, have bought a ducky cherry brown for a friend and 2x ducky blues for my dad home + work).

    Have invested in the RomerG Logitech G413 to replace my 6gv2, but can’t say I’m a fan. It’s just sitting in a box under my bed.

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