What's The Worst Game That You've Beaten?

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Some games are so bad that you have to play them to experience it for yourself. Maybe it's not as bad as it looks. Maybe there's some nugget of goodness in there. Maybe the pure jank of it all will be fun.

I've played my share of terrible games. The licensed tie-in games stand out as particularly terrible.

Once I tried to play Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth to see if I could beat the game without earning 1000 gamerscore. The game was infamous at the time because players could earn all of the achievements in just a few minutes.

All you had to do to unlock the achievements was get a 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 hit combo. That was it. Easy, right? Too easy.

The Burning Earth is based second season of The Last Airbender. You probably guessed by the name being wedged in there between all of those semicolons. It's a horrible jankfest designed around punching dudes with elemental powers.

Everything about the game feels slapped together.

The script is clearly based on an old outline of what the show was going to do during the second season. The combat is dull and unresponsive. The levels are twisting corridors full of absolutely nothing of interest.

I made it about halfway through the game before abandoning my attempts to not get the achievements. There is a boss fight against a swamp monster that is just impossible to beat without getting a 50 hit combo. Well, not impossible. I'm sure someone patient enough could do it. I am not that person.

I tried my best. Even exploiting the game's Lego-like co-operative gameplay to disrupt my combo by constantly jumping between different members of the Gaang.

It didn't work. The fight was just taking too damned long and I resorted to "proper" gameplay - mashing the attack button until the boss fell over. Despite my failure, I endured the rest of the game. For the life of me, I don't know why I bothered.

Sure it's a children's game based on a popular cartoon. The Burning Earth was still a massive waste of time. Making something for kids doesn't mean you can't make something with standards.

Speedrunner Brossentia revels in terrible games. He even runs a tournament called Kusogrande where people compete in some of the worst games he can find - Brossentia has a knack for finding some truly awful games. At least that's a way people can find joy in these games.

How about you, what's the worst game that you've beaten?


    Avatar: The Videogame

    Too Human


    I think this list is long enough.

      I really enjoyed Too Human, despite its many flaws. Beat it multiple times :-\

        Ha, yeah Too Human was one of my top X360 games.

        I never understood all the hate it got.

          Can't speak for everyone, but for me it is more to do with Dydak than the game.

          But I'll start with what was good about the game.

          I didn't mind the story. It had good visuals. And to top it off, a kill sound track.

          The main problem is the game play. Bland and drawn out, when I finally finished the game I put it back on my shelf and has pretty much stood there.

          But then there was Dydak's antics. Basically, Dadak showed himself to have a very brittle glass jaw. He couldn't take the critisim about the games faults (at one point saying the game was only in development for four years, not the originally claimed ten) and then started accusing those who didn't like the game as "not getting it".

          Who knows, maybe if the later two games got made there might have been redemption for the first.

        Beat Too Human twice. It's not great but it is really easy just to sit and play without thinking too much. Good sorta chillout game

    Time and Eternity on the PS3. The game description and time travel mechanics sounded interesting, plus the game was dirt cheap so i gave it a go.

    My god it was horrible. Repetitive combat, bland scenery and areas, unlikeable characters, stupid plot. You name it, this game had it.

    I forced myself to finish it once then got rid of it very quickly.

      Came here to post Time and Eternity. Seemed interesting, and HOLY HELL was it a bad game. So terrible. But I did finish it, because I hate myself, clearly.

        I wanted to get rid of it after only a few hours, but i couldn't leave it there on my trophy list, with something like 20-30% complete, mocking me.

        I had to finish it at least once, getting at least 75% of the trophies, so i could say to myself at least i tried dammit.

          I actually loved Time and Eternity, from the mechanics to the art, to the characters and the rest of the gameplay. It was very bite size and digestible, but I enjoyed it from start to finishes...

          For me, the worst game I've beaten was Ultima 8. My god, that thing was beyond terrible in a horrible way. Ultima 9 (Just with the official patches) was a godsend after suffering through 8 in a marathon of every Ultima back when Shroud of the Avatar was announced.

    Dragon Age 2. I'm sure I've played worse games, yet it's a special memory for me because it felt like it kept promising to get better but never did. I got it for free, but at the end I felt like it had stolen my time.

      I feel the same with Resident Evil 6, probably the worse big budget game I have ever had the displeasure playing. I not only finishing, but got very close to the platinum trophy on PS3. I just didn't have any motivation to finish that off. It made RE 5 feel like a masterpiece

      Boo! I liked Dragon Age 2! Great character work, shame about the fact they apparently forgot to hire any artists to design interiors (was there 3 or an entire 4 different interiors for the whole game?)

    Spore and Homefront: The Revolution

    Spore I think is the worse, Homefront just had crappy mechanics

      Homefront was fun. Needed a tonne of polish but I still play it.

    On the Avatar thing, apparently they were super easy because THQ intended the game to be played by children and deliberately turned them to be reasonable to get for an 8-year-old. Which probably underestimates kids abilities a bit but makes sense to some degree.

    I honestly don't think I've ever finished a game that was straight-up bad. If I'm not enjoying it then I'll drop it, so if I pushed through to the end it's pretty rare for it to be that terrible. I'm really bad at actually finishing games, as an aside. Too easily distracted by new and shiny.

    I guess Too Human? The gameplay was hot trash in a lot of ways but I found the story and ideas it had fascinating and I'm still a bit sad it got buried forever so we'll never see the rest of it.

      Avatar had many great achievements, which were riddled all throughout the title. Some easy, some harder and those which only a few would get. We got to a month or two before release and it was raised they were too hard, when we took a look at which ones it was decided with the time we had left for deadlines and how much they felt were bad it became the current system, a joke.

        There you have it, right from the horse's mouth. I'd heard that before too, just couldn't find a source with a quick check so didn't want to repeat it in case I was making it up. (I assume you worked on it? Everyone forgets a lot of the THQ Nickelodeon games were made in Australia...)

          Yes I worked on it at the THQ office in the Brisbane studio, great times I miss those days.

    Assassins Creed 3. I have no idea why I finished that game. It was so boring.

      Whereas that's one of my favourite AC games. Finished it twice. Liked the story, loved the sea combat, loved the tree running.


      I get why people didn't like it though.

        I enjoyed AC3, even with the on-rails assassination... until the ending in the present day. That just killed the entire series for me. No matter how much better the sequels may be, it shall forever remain dead to me.

          Yeah, it really did feel like "we don't know what to do with this now... help... um..." and then just wiped.

          But whatevs, I actually gave very few fucks for the modern day bits. It was clever enough in the first couple but I don't think they really had thought it out, or they had a plan for it but that plan would have killed the possibility of endless sequels so they jumped the shark.

      AC1 for me.

      I had one week to return brand new games, and I'm ashamed to admit I raced the clock to complete it.

      Not a bad game, just boring as holy hell but coincidentally followed by AC2 which was amazing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Agreed, I hate played it to the end - skipping all of the sidecontent after doing a quest where I delivered flowers to a guy WHILE HE WAS SITTING ON A TOILET so he could then give them to a woman who clearly would not like them as a present.

    Bugs Bunny Birthday Bash on the NES. So easy and so bad!!! First play through had the game completed with over 50 lives in hand. Straight back on the tram to Movieland to hire another game.
    Star Wars the Phantom Menace on the PS1 also comes to mind. Was true to the film though... god awful!!!

      Star Wars the Phantom Menace on the PS1 also comes to mind. Was true to the film though... god awful!!
      I played and finished this one too. While it wasn't the greatest game, I do have fond memories of playing it. Probably because I was young and naive!

        Attacking NPCs in Mos Eisley until they went hostile and then laying waste to the entire city was quite amusing.

        I remember actually finding that game somewhat enjoyable too. It wasn't amazing by any stretch but for a licensed game at the time it was quite solid, especially considering it was PS1 era and still before a lot of things like good 3D navigation controls and cameras and so on were solved problems. IIRC they used the same tech later on for Jedi Power Battles which was also not bad.

    Probably clicker heroes comes to mind as the worst. Legitimately earning all achievements in that
    Go Home Dinosaurs! is maybe another one. Wasn't a terribad game but certainly some better TD games out there

    I've played rage rages and games that are designed to be bad. But Game of Thrones Telltale Series was the worst thing I've ever touched. It's boring, slow, ugly glitchy and every other bad thing, aside from gameplay insults. Because being a Telltale game, there was none. At least none that you could call gameplay, there was something but it was most definitely not gameplay.

      Man I musta been smoking good weed at the time because I really enjoyed it! Second time in one day I've read comments on the net about how crap it is lol

    I've played and finished a lot of shit games, but it's hard to remember. I think within recent times, I would say Dex.

    Dex is an indie-developed, 2D side scrolling RPG set in a futuristic, cyberpunk world. It sounded amazing, so I bought it immediately for the PS4 via digital download.

    What I encountered was a game that had an astonishing amount of bugs, such as enemies becoming invulnerable/untouchable (and the only way to fix this was to reload my latest save file) as well as the game crashing.

    The combat system felt unfair as the game's skills were pretty badly balanced. The story was a confusing, poorly told mess and the voice acting/general writing was pretty bad.

    I loved the game's art style, environments and settings, but it was just a very disappointing experience.

    One of the Ben 10 games on PS3. Got it for the kids to play because they were fans of the show, but I played it to get an easy platinum trophy. That game would barely qualify as an early era second-rate PS2 game with slightly up-res graphics.

    Lightning returns: FF13- platinum trophy, intimate knowledge of exactly where I need to be at any given time to maximize completion as early as possible, 7 loops of new game plus deep. Not a great game though

    Possibly Dracula on the SNES. That was pretty bad, but I didn't have a lot of games to play back then so I had to make do with what I had.

    Batman Returns on the Lynx was pretty awful. Kung Food was also quite bad.

    Ninja Rabbits on DOS was an abomination, I dunno why I finished it. Probably boredom.

      Yes, Dracula is it for me too. I kind of remembered the game being ok and I finished it but recently I watched somebody playing it in Youtube and boy, was it a stinker.

    I vaguely remember hate-beating the second Soldier of Fortune game. I can't remember why I considered either the hate or the beating necessary.

    Clive Harper's Jericho. The game is horrible in pretty much every measurable way, but I am a stickler for the themes at play.

      Due to the edit issue, I will just reply to myself. It was meant to be Clive Barker's Jericho, bugger off auto correct.

    Nier Automata, the game is actually not great and fairly bland. On top of that you have to repeat it once before getting to the supposed good part, but it's way too easy and riddled with crappy minigames.
    I guess the high school level philosophy is endearing to some

      technically you have to repeat it 5 times for all the endings (although there are technically 26 endings but most of them are jokes)

      I thought the game was great but hey differing opinions. no bother is right or wrong

      Yeah. It was good for about half the length of the first play through, but then became super repetitive. Played through the until the end of 9S's story, mostly out of frustration. Couldn't be bothered with A2

      While I can somewhat understand the annoyance with the 9S playthrough, you didn't actually "beat" the game.

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