What's Your Favourite Burger?

Image: Hashtag Burgers

By some considerable distance, one of life's greatest pleasures is browsing the glory that is the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society. So for this week's Big Question, let's talk big burgers.

It's a sizeable Facebook group - almost 89,000 members - that's dedicated to the glorious pursuit of one thing: giant, glorious, delicious burgers. I'm not talking the floppy Big Mac the 14-year-olds at Maccas buggered up with three kilos of lettuce, but the lovingly crafted towers of cheese, fried chicken and golden brioche that you'd actually feel good about eating.

Well, while you're eating it anyway.

But putting aside the mouth-watering aspect of looking at pictures of burgers all day, what's your favourite burger?

I've never particularly been a fan of the double beef patties or cheeseburgers. I've always felt like I got more value for money from a chicken burger, since I'm never going to own a deep fryer at home and I can cook a beef patty in my kitchen to precisely the point I want it.

That said, I could never put together something like this:

How do you even eat that.

As for size, something more along the lines is my ideal:

Actual pork belly speck? Whole grain mustard oozing out the front? Sold.

But what about you? What's your favourite burger?


    I'm all about simple. I can't go wrong with a big mac or double quarter pounder, No matter where I might be, they'll be there.

    Veggie burgers. Especially when places get more creative with them and don't lump me with a pathetic bit of tofu and some limp lettuce. Some places put haloumi on their veggie burgers, which I'm a fan of.

    I like most cheese burgers that keep it simple. But I also like my homemade burgs, patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, tomato-sauce & mayo all on either a crunchy or soft roll (I sometimes add a cheeky strip of bacon and/or pineapple slice)

    I love getting an Old School Cheese burger from Ribs and Burgers but without onion but WITH onion rings on it. So good.

    Brioche bun (untoasted), beef patty, mashed avocado, lettuce, tomato, Colby cheese, aioli and barbecue sauce. And bacon. Always bacon.

    5 Guys in the US - Great burgers, much better than In 'n Out, Shake Shack and any other chains we tried

    I like an oportos burger extra sauce..

    Grill'd used to have the Smokey Blackbird, which was chicken with black bread crumbs. I loved that. They removed it from the menu. Too much preparation I was told.

    My local pub does burger night every Wednesday. The chef gets super creative with his burgers sometimes but my favorite would have to be one that was on the menu a couple of months ago (They change the menu every couple of months). Toasted brioche bun, chipotle mayo, angus beef patty, generous helping of pulled brisket, caramelised onion and a handful of crunchy slaw. They put pickles on it too but i opt to remove them.

    "The Hot Chick" & "The Triple Patty Mac Daddy" burgers at Cultural Commons.

    Burger Hounds in Wahroonga, NSW have some of the best burgers I've ever eaten.
    One of the few things I miss having moved from that state.

    Other than that, I'm a whore for a good Zinger Burger.

    Fast food wise i love the whopper from Hungry Jacks.

    Steamed hams. They make an unforgettable luncheon

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    I love a Peppa Pig from Griffin Burger in Ballarat, Victoria - Double Pepper crusted beef, double cheese, double bacon, pepper mayo and tomato ketchup - it burns your mouth from the pepper but damn tastes so good. Their double cheesecake is amazing too, double beef, double cheese, a potato cake, ketchup mustard and pickles. Their mushroom burger is wonderful too.

    A bit of a broader option is Grill'd, I like their Bar-B-Cow and Sir Truffle.

    The Honest Chicken Burger from The Honest Chicken in Belrose, NSW.

    Simple but effective...

    The Blame Canada Burger from Bar Luca (Sydney CBD)

    Maple-flavoured bacon and poutine (chips + gravy + curds) and a good pink pattie. Incredibly good.

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