You Are Not Looking At A Manga Drawing Of Cars

You Are Not Looking At A Manga Drawing Of Cars

This isn’t an Initial D drawing. It isn’t a page from the manga. You are looking at model cars painted like manga or anime art.

Photo: Shinga (Twitter)

Incredible, no? This is the work of a talented Twitter user named Shinga, who says he painted them in the style of Initial D creator Shuichi Shigeno.

Here’s a look behind the scenes at Shinga’s process.

Previously, Gundam model builders have painted their creations in this style, but it’s the first time I’ve seen Initial D.


  • Holy shit, I seriously cannot believe what I’m seeing.
    My brain just wants to yell Photoshop and my heart wants to buy them.

    This is bloody amazing.

  • Nope. I don’t buy that at all. My brain says they’re photoshopped. That can’t be true. It’s impossible!

  • It just reminded me how awesome where the car drawings in Initial D manga… and how thrice-godawful bad the drawings of people were.

  • Is it just me or doesn’t no one see the twitter images in Kotatu posts?
    running on firefox all I ever see when linking to twitter posts is a hyperlink to the image.

    On that note, it would also be great if the author posted some translations of the foreign text. I’ve seen articles in the past about Japanese trends that is literally copy-paste twitter links in Japanese without any English words explaining any of it, while open to the concept using google translate on an article posted to an American website isn’t ideal.

    • That happens if you have tracking protection enabled in Firefox. Otherwise, check your adblocker if you have one.

      • Yup. I went through the same thing recently because I switched over to Firefox (unless I’m on laptops, because Quantum hammers CPU usage something fierce). Once tracking protection is off, embeds appear correctly on desktop and mobile. Page load was improved too, which surprised me.

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