You Can Buy Switch Games With Your My Nintendo Points Now

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If you're browsing through the eShop on your Switch for something new to buy, you'll see a new option from today: the ability to buy (or get a discount on) games with My Nintendo Gold Points.

Live from today, the change enables users to get a discount of $0.01 / 1 cent for every gold point used. Extra gold points can be earned through purchases - each game you buy nets you 5% in points, meaning Little Triangle, which is priced at $19.50, will earn you up to 98 points, while Payday 2 will earn you up to 375 points.

Buying DLC gets you 1% of the purchase price in gold points. Your points will expire "after 12 months on the last day of the month in which they were earned", and you'll only earn points from physical Switch games "when the software is registered via the HOME menu".

Interestingly, gold points for physical games only have one year to be claimed in Australia and the US, while European gamers have two years to redeem their points. The points can't be used for in-game items, virtual currency or automatic renewals, unfortunately, meaning you won't be able to stockpile it for a discount on Nintendo's online service when it finally launches later this year.

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For more info about the My Nintendo Gold Points, head to the official page.


    I can actually get $10 off something... yay... I guess all digital so far has sort of paid off... at least you'll earn more gold coins going forward now.

    I miss Club Nintendo.

      I miss Club Nintendo as well.

    It really does seem like Nintendo are really pushing for all digital. With only a 1% on physical copies and 5% for digital, why wouldn't you go all digital?

      Because physical games still get discounted much further?

      8 minutes too late. I'd much rather save $10-15+ by buying physical than get $4. And that's on launch titles.

        I only buy digital because I'm too lazy to switch games. I want them all loaded and ready to go ????

    Ahh converting real money into points.
    Then when you spend points instead of money on a game or content the seller is not bound by normal consumer laws.

    Big fat use that is when my $90 cartridge gives me 14 points....
    Thanks Nintendo, I'll try to not to spend it all in one place.

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