13 Cool Things People Have Built With The Nintendo Labo

13 Cool Things People Have Built With The Nintendo Labo

As people got their hands on Nintendo Labo over the weekend, they have been making some really cool, and really funny, creations. They have made everything from rhythm games to functioning clocks to cat toys. Here’s a few I really liked.

Nintendo Labo not only allows you to make a handful of cool cardboard toys that you can play Switch games with, it also comes with Toy Con Garage, a toolkit that allows you to do some basic programming to control the Joy-Con. Players have been using both of these things to make weird and cool stuff.

One player even made a functioning clock using Toy Con Garage, which I’m really impressed with:


Twitter user Geniway used the Labo to play this incredibly dope cover of one of the Squid Sisters’ songs from the first Splatoon. Definitely listen to this:


LeavingLuck made a cool game where you throw cards at a hat, and your Switch counts how many made it in.

Some people are just using these tools to shitpost, which of course means someone did a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure reference:

Twitter user Hitokage22 made a face for their stuffed animal, which is just adorable:

Skg_ty used Toy Con Garage to do the fan chants for Idolmaster:


And they followed that up by basically making Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, complete with bongo controllers:


TsukimotoSeiji made a diorama where he could summon shooting stars using the Joy-Con:

Of course, other players have been making much sillier creations with Nintendo Labo and Toy Con Garage. Behold, a button that just makes all your Joy-Cons vibrate. I have no idea why this makes me laugh so much.

The things that people are doing with Labo aren’t always that sophisticated, but they still get a chuckle out of me. Here’s YouTuber Akfamilyhome playing “All Star” by Smash Mouth on the Labo piano:

Here’s something that’s probably very dangerous:

This person made a cat toy using their Nintendo Labo. This is probably only dangerous for the cardboard, which is not typically a cat safe material.

As we all know, if you give a person the ability to create whatever they want on a creative platform, they will make Loss. I’m gonna leave you on that.

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