A Reminder That You Can Watch The Very Bizarre Super Mario World Animated Series

If you're out of things to do this evening, or you're stuck for something to fill your weekend with, here's an option: rewatching the completely insane and bizarre Super Mario World animated series.

Super Mario World first aired in 1991, and was weirdly set in Dinosaur World rather than Mario's traditional land of the Mushroom Kingdom. It first aired on NBC back in 1991, but was never televised in Australia.

All the episodes were released in the early days of YouTube, and you can watch them locally through Stan as well. The series was marketed at preschoolers, although parts of the series found a second lease of life as memes.

As weird as it is, watching Super Mario World is also worthwhile if only to give context to the Super Mario World Reanimated project. The fan creation, which is also embedded below, is a reanimation of the Mama Luigi episode with 227 separate animators given a scene each to recreate.

The fan project was dedicated to Harvey Atkin and Tony Rosato, who voiced King Koopa and Luigi in the animated series.

To catch all 20 episodes - each episode runs for ten minutes a piece - you can check them out here.


    Well now I know why they left Netflix a couple of months ago. Dang.

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