A Time Waster That Mixes Rhythm Games With Dungeon Crawling

Made for a game jam where the theme was two incompatible genres, Rhythm Quest ends up working surprisingly well.

Available through itch.io, Rhythm Quest blends dungeon roguelike crawling with a scrolling board akin to what you'd see in Guitar Hero or Rock Band. "Sword icons will inflict damage to your opponent while defence icons are your chance to block incoming damage," the itch.io page reads.

There's a basic soundtrack that plays out behind, giving you some guidance on the beat. Beyond that, however, it's a neat spin on the rhythm game formula that's great for killing some time on a laptop or if you're still stuck in the office.

Made by one of the developers behind Dungeon League, Rhythm Quest runs on PC or Mac. The whole package is 44mb at most, and it's free unless you feel extra generous ahead of the weekend.


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