Great, Alexa Can Tell You How Much You Suck At Call Of Duty

Great, Alexa Can Tell You How Much You Suck At Call Of Duty
Image: AP

Getting abused by kids in Call of Duty is bad enough. So to improve the experience, Call of Duty can now interface with Amazon Alexa, so an AI can remind you how crappy you are too.

Called Call of Duty Alexa Skill, the beta app uses Amazon’s AI to offer real-time recommendations to players based on their in-game performance. According to the release, Alexa Skill incorporates over 20 different stats from your profile, including your kill/death ratio, overall accuracy, score per minute, time played, and engagement distance with each firefight.

“The Call of Duty Alexa Skill gives every player a personal Call of Duty coach for the first time, using AI and machine learning to analyse how you play and providing tips on how to improve your gameplay based on your individual strengths, weaknesses and play style,” Activision chief marketing officer Tim Ellis said.

You can get a sense of the recommendations from the promo videos below. They’re pretty surface level tips, rather than more advanced suggestions on how to pick better engagements in the first place.

It’s a neat way to use all the data that Call of Duty is already tracking. I can see this making a bigger difference for games where newer players genuinely need to look up advice frequently early on – imagine asking Alexa for item suggestions in Dota 2 or League of Legends, for instance, or a change to team composition in Overwatch.

For more info about the beta Alexa app, head to the official website.


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