AMD’s 2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs: Australian Pricing And Release Date

AMD’s 2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs: Australian Pricing And Release Date
Image: AMD

AMD has announced the desktop line-up of its 2nd generation Ryzen processors. Today, the company released details for four chips, ranging from the high-end 2700X (specs for which were leaked earlier this week), to the more budget-friendly 2600.

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In terms of hardware, not much separates the the 2700 and 2600 flavours, the biggest point of difference being eight cores versus six. Ignoring clock speeds, we won’t know how much of an impact this has on performance until benchmarks come out, but suffice it to say, all four chips look competitive.

2nd Generation AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors

Model Cores Threads Speed (max/base) SP Cache TDP Price
Ryzen 7 2700X 8 16 4.3/3.7GHz 20MB 105W $469
Ryzen 7 2700 8 16 4.1/3.2GHz 20MB 65W $425
Ryzen 5 2600X 6 12 4.2/3.6GHz 19MB 95W $319
Ryzen 5 2600 6 12 3.9/3.4GHz 19MB 65W $279

Each processor comes with a cooler — no surprises there — however, the ones AMD provides are a bit fancier than what you’d normally expect.

The top-of-the-line 2700X is boxed with a so-called “Prism LED” cooler, while the 2700 comes with the Spire LED. The 2600X and 2600 get the LED-less Spire and Stealth respectively.

Image: AMD

While the processors won’t be available until April 19, you are free to preorder them, now.


    • Yes. The official roadmap has it as “2H 2018”, so expect late summer/early fall just like OG Threadripper was last year (seeing as Ryzen 2 AM4 is launching 13 months after Ryzen 1 AM4 [April 2018 vs March 2017], I’d expect Threadripper 2 around September [seeing as TR1 laucnched last August]).

  • Does anyone remember the 3DFX Voodoo 2 8mb graphics cards? And that GT Interactive Unreal castle demo at the start of Unreal? Man those graphics were good.

    • Yup. Back when 3dfx’s proprietary “Glide” graphics API ruled the world, and was not only widely supported (and supported well, running WAY faster than OpenGL/DX 7 on 3dfx hardware), but often brought with it a bunch of unique graphical features you couldn’t get anywhere else. Like those in Unreal (those real-time reflections & lighting were absolutely groundbreaking at the time).

  • Its worth noting the boost clocks often only apply to the first core. Why they couldn’t boost 2 cores is beyond me,.

    • Uhh Ryzen’s “Precision Boost” has ALWAYS been for 2-cores (the best tested core from each 4-core CCX), not 1. Aka for the Ryzen 7 2700X 2x cores can boost up to 4.3GHz (with the “all-core” boost otoh, at around 4GHz).
      The only “1-core boost” on the Ryzen platform of any kind is “XFR” (“eXtended Frequency Range”) which will boost whichever of the 2 Precision Boost cores is the best binned another 0-100MHz past the normal boost limit assuming there’s enough thermal and power headroom to spare (in this case a 2-core Precision Boost max of 4.3GHz, so the 1-core boost w/ XFR ≈4.35GHz if there is sufficient temp/power headroom).

    • It’s more intended for cpu intensive single threaded applications, so boosting multiple cores is not needed.

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