Aussie Sets New Punch-Out!! World Record While Blindfolded

Aussie Sets New Punch-Out!! World Record While Blindfolded

GIF: YouTube (mPap)

Oh, so you’ve got a game downpat? Then maybe you should try knocking off the game blindfolded.

That’s what Aussie Punch-Out!! player and streamer mPap has done lately, finishing the entire game in just over 20 minutes. The entire game was done while blindfolded, and mPap managed to shave almost 5 minutes off his previous time, a pace he described as “a fucking insane run”.

And in case you’re wondering, mPap didn’t allow himself any first looks at the screen when the final fight against Tyson began.

“I thought a 24:xx was going to take me thousands of thousands of attempts to do, and I just got that,” the streamer said, bewildered. His Twitch chat did note that he did mispunch a couple of times, leaving the possibility open for even faster runs.

“I don’t want to run it anymore, but I kind of have to,” he said. “I didn’t deserve that run at all.”

It’s not the first time players have tried to knock Tyson’s lights out while blindfolded. One player, Sinister1, made an admirable attempt at the Awesome Games Done Quick marathon back in 2014, but fell just short. Sinister1 still holds second place on the official leadeboards, but their time of 21:38 is almost a full minute behind the Aussie’s new record.

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