Blizzard Posts Senior Game Designer Position For 'Unannounced' FPS

Image: Blizzard

Hiring for a project you've yet to reveal can be difficult for a developer. Not impossible, but it's hard to do without giving a few bits and pieces away. Such is the case for Blizzard, with a recent ad for a game designer position suggesting the company is working on a new first-person shooter.

The specific title for the "unannounced project" is for a "senior / principal game designer" with "experience in developing weapons, abilities, and gameplay systems in action or first-person shooter games".

Otherwise, there isn't much more to glean from the ad, other than the appearance of the word "units". This could suggest some real-time strategy elements are in the mix:

  • Work with team leadership to design units, weapons, and abilities
  • Implement units, weapons, and abilities using a proprietary design tool

Of course, it's all speculation for now, but it does appear the success of Overwatch has well and truly shifted the company from its roots. Hopefully, there is some RTS stuff going on — I'd totally be up for something in the vein of Battlezone.

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Senior / Principal Game Designer [Blizzard, via RPS]


    Didn't Kotaku post a article a few months ago about not using job listings for speculation about new games? ;)

    I've seen a few job postings regarding this project. Looking for programmers to architect out data storage and things. Other positions wanted a knowledge of all Blizzard properties and lore. Which suggests some kind of weird FPS/MOBA mashup using all of Blizzards properties. Which would be potentially pretty cool.

      I'd go a Renegade style game with an Overwatch influence.

        Starcraft or Warcraft Renegade...mmmmmm

    as exciting as this might be, it honestly means very little in terms of Blizzard. the birth of OW has shown that if things aren't up to Blizzard's standard they will yank the plug on it

    Blizzard is making a Destiny-killer, cause Activision has had enough of Bungies blunders and think the IP is irrepairable???

    Hmm. The job ad mentions PvP and game modes. Maybe they are jumping on the Battle Royale bandwagon with one that features Blizzard properties.

    A Battle Royale game encompassing all of their IPs a la Heroes of the Storm?

      That wouldn't be likely! HotS is their least performing IP amongst the Blizzard brands... they tried to make it esports instead of making it for the players.

    I agree with the people that say Battle Royale game, I also think it will be full price and have loot boxes.

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