Community Review: Easter!

Community Review: Easter!

There’s nothing quite like a good, long weekend. It’s even better when chocolate gets involved, as is customary around Easter.

Easter is often a trial of damage control, managing the intake of too much chocolate – too much everything, really – while minimising exercise and enjoying the beautiful leisure of not having to work for four days.

Of course, plenty of people are rostered on over the Friday and Saturday. I wasn’t this time around, although I did have one weekend where I got to collect glorious double time for a midnight shift over Easter. Ah, the days.

Beyond a bit of cooking for the parents, Tegan and I also mainlined the hell out of Overwatch. I don’t know that I’m out of ELO hell just yet, although things are starting to improve markedly. Gaining 400 SR in a couple of days will do that, I suppose.

How was your Easter long weekend?


  • I spent a sizeable chunk of the weekend playing (and finishing) “The Curse of the Pharaohs” DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Origins. It was really great.

  • I got Thursday off so I could make the trip up to Byron to beat the crowds for the Bluesfest on Friday – saw a few bands I’d never heard of, and topped off the night with Jimmy Cliff (who was alright) and Robert Plant (who was spectacular). I’m still trying to figure out who one of Plant’s guitarists was – an old guy with a long white beard – couldn’t find his name anywhere, but holy crap could he play. I swear, as he finished the intro for one of the songs, he looked up and had to gesture Plant to step up to the mic and start singing – Plant seemed as spellbound as the rest of us.

    Spent Saturday and Sunday morning catching up with my folks, got back on Sunday evening, and continued with Bloodborne yesterday – starting the defiled chalice dungeon, and got through the first boss. All in all, a really good long weekend.

  • Reinstalled Win10 on my PC.
    It has been giving me problems for ages as it continually failed to update.
    And because Microsoft is making you update these days I would constantly go through a cycle of – Download Update>Force Install>Reboot>Fail>Go back to previous version, rinse and repeat.
    Then I played me some Titan Quest (yes i know old school) which was being a bit buggy. Not sure because of the reinstall so may need to just reinstall the game and see (yay for steam and cloud backups).
    Finally watched Thor: Ragnarok and that was pretty great.
    Spent the rest of the time relaxing.
    Didn’t do much family stuff because our easter is this weekend.

  • Ugh. A weekend of childcare and social occasions. Barely got 3 hours of progress in Pillars of Eternity… which is next to nothing, lol

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