Community Review: Far Cry 5

Community Review: Far Cry 5

Everyone’s had a fortnight and a long weekend to shovel their way through Hope County, so without further adu: it’s time for your Community Review.

Irrespective of how far people have dug into the various aspects of Far Cry 5, everyone I’ve seen across my various feeds seems to have enjoyed some aspect of the game. There’s always bits and bobs that people take umbrage with – the critical side of the fence, as expected, thought Ubisoft could have done more on the narrative side – but I’ve seen very little reactions along the lines of, “Nope, didn’t enjoy that at all.”

Which is a good thing!

That said, I haven’t heard anyone come away with particular praise for the ending. Far Cry games always seem to fall just a touch flat in the final act. And that’s probably difficult to avoid given that every Far Cry sets up a giant sandbox, and there’s only so many spins on liberation you can take.

I’ll avoid spoiling things, although if you’ve finished the game or you just want to read a back and forth on how it all unfolds, Kirk and Ethan have got you covered.

A Spoiler-Filled Chat About Far Cry 5's Ending

OK, it's time to talk about how Far Cry 5 ends. Like the title says, you're now entering spoiler territory.

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There’s plenty more Far Cry to see, however. People are already doing funky things with the game’s arcade mode, and there’s already some in-game mysteries to solve. Coupled with the size of the world and the mix of quests and characters, that probably best explains why the people I’ve seen have been largely happy: everyone found there was something they could enjoy, and for a long enough period to be value for money.

But what about yourselves? Have you enjoyed your time with Far Cry 5?


  • I am in the early stages. Got kidnapped for the first time. It was…. bizarre.

    I never seem tp have enough money to buy the weapons i want btw. 🙁 just found out how to use bait so I plan to get richer this evening. I wish there was a chest that collecyed money overtime like in assassins creed or ajays house in fc4. But ah well.

    Side quests seem interesting. I remember getting into a prepper stash and then reading a depressing note abt how the guy’s dead family was hung just outside his hideout. Felt bad taking his stuff.

    Also I don’t enjoy doing specific challenges for perk points. Just give me xp for everything like horizon zero dawn.

    • You’ll not want for money once you start hunting and fishing. There’s a perk you can grab for 2x pelts that comes in handy.
      Do the prepper stashes as often as you can for extra perk points and cash.

    • Hit prepper stashes for good money and perk points if you’re not interested in going out of your way to get them. 3 points per stash. Once you liberate a region, you get bonus $$ for completing cult outposts and side missions if any are left over.

      For my own 2 cents, I really didn’t like the scripted halts in gameplay like being kidnapped in Holland Valley, or being Blissed in Henbane. They would always happen at awkward times like standing in Fall’s End. In Whitetail I was kidnapped by Jacob’s hunters inside the Wolf’s Den for example.

    • You get double skin for killing with a bow or melee. explosives, fire or vehicle kill give damaged skins which is worth a lot less, using bullets will only reward one skin per kill

      • This applies to your G’sFH too. Bring Jess Black, get her to get the killing blow on anything, 4x skins without having to carry a bow (*requires the hunting perk) – also the animals won’t run away from you with Jess in your party.

        • yep however its not killing blow based, if the animal is hit by anything other than arrows or your own melee (fists of weapons) then you loose out on the bonus. even if cheeseburger, peaches or boomer attack, you will loose the bonus

          • oh ok, I hadn’t noticed that. I was shooting bears/bison etc a bunch of times with a firearm then getting Jess to finish them off, was still getting 4x skins. Either way you can just get her to do all the work, problem solved.

  • Started with John’s region. Playing on One X with 65″ 4k TV and visually looks superb. Sounds are very realistic – first time I heard a duck it made me smile as my mind wandered to growing up on a farm.
    AI seems ok for both antagonists and helpers.
    Gun’s handle really well. Main gripe, for some damn reason my second gun keeps changing without my input to the damn Flamethrower or sniper rifle at the most inconvenient moment possible.
    Big game. Lot’s to do and revisit.
    Plane is hard to control in dog fights.
    Much better game than FC4.
    AND….. Clutch Nixon!!!
    Need to do the live event before it goes away……
    It is a good game and though missions do start to get sort of repetitive, well worth buying.

  • Not long into the game and enjoying it so far. The AI is average and easy to defeat. Driving is fun yet to try flying.

    • I normally don’t like to much flying, didn’t like it at all in BF1, didn’t really click with the training type mission in FC5 but later on in other missions I found it pretty fun.

  • game is great, ending fucking terrible (verging on mass effect 3 levels). being rail roaded into the story is terrible. However this game is a clear cut case of Gameplay being greater than all its flaws. being able to call in an airstrike while taking out an outpost is a thing of beauty

  • Had a lot of fun, would have preferred more options/progression/immersion, less arcadeyness (granted it’s not really surprising they went this way given the online mode)

    Story? Yeah it was alright (ending / post-ending lols notwithstanding) – wasn’t expecting too much to be fair. Far Cry 3 onwards have always had a bit of a split personality in terms of story/gameplay. Having a super linear story but also being an open world sandbox just doesn’t work most of the time. Story would have been better IMO if they structured it more like the…

    Prepper stashes – the environmental storytelling in these missions was fantastic – much more immersive than the main story line – each one was completely unique too. Truly the star of component of Far Cry 5. These should be in every open world game from now on.

    Graffiks – so many

    Mine crashed a lot – probably once every couple of hours on average over my whole play through. Autosave is pretty good though, rarely, if ever lost any progress when this happened.

    HUD – good lord the fucking HUD. I didn’t miss the minimap, turned it off in 4/primal anyway. Turned everything off except the explosion warnings, damage indicators and item pick up notifications. Which brings me to my absolute biggest complaint with the game – the HUD elements frequently turn themselves back on if you have the interface settings on custom (only other options being all on, or all off…). Massive pain in the arse if you like playing with a pared back HUD)

    Gun selection is woefully inadequate compared with previous games in the series – More than half the weapons in most categories are reskins with identical performance. The unique weapons from previous series’ are now just reskins too (and are all available right at the start instead of towards the end). They’re almost certainly going to start drip-feeding new weapons once a week through the live events….for the single player….ugh.

    (related minor gripe – the addition of a premium currency means your game has to connect to the ubisoft servers each time you access the weapons and equipment menus. It’s not a lot of time by any stretch, but it adds up, and it gets annoying – especially when I know I’ll never pay for any premium currency so I’m not getting any benefit out of it)

    Skill progression is basically non-existent after the grapple, wingsuit etc – and you can do these in the first hour without trying.

    That Clutch Nixon song can burn in hell – gave me a mild smirk the first time, then nothing but irritation every time after.

  • >Game is gorgeous, the verticality offered in the northern region was the standout for me.
    >The weapon selection is largely a small batch of boring safe picks.
    >Hah! This muscle car has machine guns, its so metal.
    >I am pretty sure more of my enemies have died from completely avoidable hazards, my plat R6Siege rank isn’t particularly useful in a game filled with lemmings for enemies (and allies).
    >Diving into a valley with a wingsuit gives a great sense of speed; wait why the fuck is my screen shimmering, go away Faith you turd burger.
    >Finally finished one of the many lazy, story breaking cut scenes that for the most part just hamstring the games focus on fun.
    >I spend way too long petting Boomer, random dogs and cheese burger; oh shit, Cheese just got launched into the horizon by a bunch of exploding cars.
    >Why do minor effort events like killing a single dude on the side of the room or letting prisoners out of a van give you close to quest levels of resistance points? I can see this being an issue.
    >Watching the flamethrower destroy outposts is fun, but I miss FC2’s dry grass.
    >Thanks to fucking around with shotguns I get stuck behind a wall with a helicopter shooting at me harmlessly for a couple of minutes, all I can think of is how much scarier this moment would be with FC2’s bullet penetration.
    -This soundtrack sucks hard thanks to most of the effort being put into the cult’s songs which are good, but they don’t have replay value and don’t compare to FC2’s great one (seriously go listen to it).

    Ultimately FC5 suffers from issues that occur when you are pretty much making the same game for ten years. Just like CoD; FC needs to figure out how to distance new titles from the old ones. FC5 has neither the depth of character in Villains, nor the thematic depth of FC2. It is a game that largely does nothing other than visuals well and for the price that Ubi are asking for, it isn’t good enough.

  • I would be loving it, if it wasn’t for the constant interruptions (oh, you haven’t fired your gun in 30 seconds, let me throw a wild cougar at you) and terrible spawning (both player and enemy).

  • I’ve just killed the three underlings, and I’m not a fan that any uncompleted story missions disappear on you just bc the head of the region is dead. Surely the cult would try to remain operational in secret, no?

    Yes. Beautiful game. I think my console is upscaling, either way, in 4k or 1080 it’s such an amazing game to look at.
    The driving could be improved to be less sensitive, same as fc4
    The kidnapping/blessing segments do happen randomly and they’re rather annoying, esp when you’re in the middle of trying to complete another mission and get hit with a bliss bullet…
    Overall, enjoying it

  • I never got into 3 or 4, so I didn’t expect to enjoy 5, but I loved it
    I felt like John Wick when I liberated outposts with my pistol

  • i’m not that deep into the game yet (about 4 hours), and honestly, I’m just not feeling it. Story is disjointed, gameplay is very “help yourself” kind of play. Really not a fan of most houses being locked, seriously? Thats some GTA4/5 shit where you can’t go into majority of buildings. Annoying.

    I’ll be playing till GoW is out and trading up.

    • I give the game shit, but outside of electronically locked buildings, you can enter any of them and most buildings have interiors. What buildings are you talking about? Get lock picks or break a window.

  • I finished Far Cry 5 recently. Co-op mode is so much fun. Single player is pretty good. The story, with an interesting concept and setting, is actually a bit ho-hum (lackluster) and without spoiling anything, the ending honestly sucks.

    My biggest gripe of the game is the forced capture moments. You get captured three times by each area, so nine times in total. It’s repetitive and completely interrupts the game.

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