Community Review: God of War

Community Review: God of War
Image: God of War (2018)

When you have Nintendo-powered cardboard and Dad Kratos dropping on the same day, we’d be remiss if we didn’t stop to have a chat about them both.

There’s an awful lot that’s been said about God of War, which isn’t something we were predicting at the start of the year. There was actually a bit of wonder that the game might have been delayed, given how little had been heard or seen of the game up until the most recent round of previews.

But every now and again, it’s nice to be surprised.

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A comparison I keep coming back to, not because of the characterisation or gameplay specifically, is Horizon: Zero Dawn. A part of that game I liked so much was that it very happily borrowed ideas and mechanics from other games, while blending them in a way that was not only super sensible, but just a fraction nicer than how things had been done before.

I get that a lot from God of War. The combat isn’t bogged down with stamina meters or lengthy attack delays – but you don’t get rewarded for diving in headfirst, swinging wildly to stop everyone’s attack animations.

But we’ve had our say. Now that you’ve all had a few days to shout at hordes of enemies while being a slightly-shitty-but-still-trying-his-best demigod Dad, how have you found God of War?


  • I finished the main plot last night.

    This is honestly one of the best games I’ve ever played and it’s probably because it’s influences show through. There are times when it is heavily reminiscent of Witcher 3, TLOU, Dark Souls and the old God of War games (once you really ramp up Kratos’ ability to deliver beat downs and unlock some sweet runics).

    It totally deserves the praise. My only gripe is that more varied enemies (even if some just switched up movesets) would have been nice, but nothing I can think of as a bugbear would equate to anything more than more creme on top of a game that is entirely creme. Once you get good at the combat you’ll be throwing the axe so it dances around hitting multiple enemies, calling it back to lay down enormous smashes and causing massive explosions of ice like a frosty Thor. The only way I can describe the look of the game and the environments is that they look very expensive. No detail is spared.

    My favourite game hands down since Witcher 3. I am excited for another run once I go around clearing up sidequests and puzzles I missed. One of the few games I’ve bought at top retail price and felt like I got more than my money’s worth.

  • I’m really enjoying it. It’s all I’ve played since I bought it at launch.

    However, I am finding it pretty simple. It’s almost only combat. It’s also quite linear. And I started to replay it from the beginning (i do this with good games sometimes, I get 25% in and think “No, I want to get more out of this) but I gave it up because of the amount of unskippable cutscenes. I really hope they bring a patch out for this because they are going to kill replayability for a lot of people. No matter how well directed the scenes are, once I’ve seen them, I want the choice whether to see them or not. I would be more than happy with a loading screen instead.

    I’ve played all the GoW’s. They’re all good in their own way. This is the same. Probably a little better. But I’d still only give it an 8/10. A lot of people on metacritic are hitting it with 10 but I just can’t see the replayability for that to be the case. The combat is fine, but it’s lightweight, simplistic and repetitive. Still fun but I’m not sure for how long. I’m glad I bought it on disc so I can sell it afterwards, and then decide whether to replay when it goes on special on PSN. Which likely will be a few years away.

  • I’ve been enjoying my time with it. Everything is polished, its nice when AAA doesn’t mess up a release and you can see what a big studio with vision can do with the resources to do it.

  • Absolutely loving it. Was a huge fan of GOW 1 and 2. Wasn’t that interested in this originally. Thought it looked just like another open world game. I only got it because of all the awesome reviews and have no regret at all. It’s all I’ve played since Friday.

  • Started it last night, playing until I took down the first boss.

    It looks incredible, has a compelling soundtrack, plenty of optional exploration (which I love), solid controls and a varied battle system. Can’t wait for it to expand in complexity, ‘cause it’s off to a sensational start. Top notch, AAA title 🙂

  • I’m really liking it so far. A few other guys at work have been playing it too and talking with them makes me think maybe the only negative of the game is the combat balancing being so dependent on your gear. I did more early exploration and side-questing than they did so had an easier time through some story areas, they did certain side quests later than I did so had an easier time with them. I’m just not sure that that difficulty imbalance is a good thing in a game where you can go into the options menu and adjust the difficulty anyway.

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