Counter-Strike Commentator Drops Racial Slur During Birthday Stream

Counter-Strike Commentator Drops Racial Slur During Birthday Stream

During a recent celebratory birthday stream, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentator Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett called members of his stream chat the n-word on stream, as well as telling one member of the CS:GO community to kill themselves.

Photo: Sadokist (Facebook)

Trivett was live and playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds when he drops the slur. “I am literally going 50 per cent and I am the best in esports,” said Trivett. “Wait ’til I go 100 per cent, you fucking n*gger.”

Later, during an Ask Me Anything segment in which Trivett admits he has been drinking, he responds to Counter-Strike community member Don Haci by telling him to “go fuck [themselves].” “Maybe put a belt around your neck and jump off a cliff with that belt still attached,” said Trivett. “That would be better for everyone.”

Trivett is a well-known commentator and personality in the Counter-Strike community. He’s been on the mic for many major events, including the Boston Major last January.

At the time of writing, Trivett has not made a statement. Kotaku has reached out to him, and we’ll update if he responds.


  • I don’t see what’s so bad about calling someone a nagger. They should stop nagging if it’s a problem.

  • I’m the best in Esports and for my next trick I shall completely undo it all in two sentences and make my Twitter page vanish.

  • Remember, as someone with a name in any industry, your career is going to die the second you do something unprofessional on the internet. The world no longer differentiates between business time and personal time, it’s all mixed together. No excuse like being drunk or just chilling with friends online (if any of them stream, or you yourself stream) is allowed anymore. Once you make a mistake, expect your time in gaming to end… Unless you’re pushing the “right type” of speech online, no matter how closed minded and illogical it is.

    • Wonder what would happen if he called them a communist or a Nazi or a cracker instead. Would the backlash be as intense?

      • Probably not because A) neither communism or nazism are associated with a marginalised minority group, B) crackers are white people, and “cracker” to white people doesn’t hit theear like the N word hits a black person’s, and C) none of the groups you mentioned have the same stigmatism regarding human rights as black people all over the world have had for many centuries, because with race relations the first bite is always with the eye.
        But hey, you know all that right? You are just wanting people who use the N word as an insult (regardless of race) to be vindicated.
        Not a very compelling argument. D-
        Try better next time.

        • I always thought cracker was coined in Shakespeare, popped up again in the US to refer to white people then, beleive it or not, appropriated to refer to criminals in general and then popped up again in the 60’s and 70’s back on white folks again.

          Hell, these days I only see the word mentioned in the much the way it is above or a period movie/show, can’t even think of the last time I’ve seen or heard a black person use the term.
          (Family Guy is literally the only thing that comes to mind)

        • If the n word hit nearly as hard as everyone made out then American rap should be causing outrage in the streets. ffs Kendrick Lamar was #1 in the Hottest 100 and that features the word multiple times

          • You mean a black guy using the N word? In that way they do it that has reclaimed some power back? People should be outraged by that like they are with a white dude using it in a Counter Strike match?
            Were your parents siblings?

          • “Reclaiming” a word is no excuse for some people having a pass to use while others are attached. That’s called a double standard. Try not to make personal attacks against other users who didn’t attack you. It’s unbecoming, it weakens your credibility, and this isn’t a chan/imageboard/debate for who will be the next president.

          • So basically your argument is double standards aren’t fair and detract from your argument?
            Also you’re right. I shouldn’t have insulted you. Or your uncle daddy and aunty mama.

          • It’s less a double standard and more about historical context. Who says something matters, and not everyone enjoys the same privilege. Context is why it’s okay for you to call your girlfriend ‘sweetie’ but not for a random stranger to do the same.

          • It’s a shit word and I don’t think anyone should use it. I hate it because it’s used by lazy “artist” to pad out songs instead of coming up with actual lyrics. Anyway as an Australian my tolerance for swearing is extremely high. Intent is more important than the words used IMO.

        • Ok. What if he used the term “redneck”, instead? A word that actually refers to the sunburn that hardworking farmers and farmhands would get on the backs of their necks from working long days in their fields to make an honest living, but was turned into a slur that’s been around many decades.

          What I want is for all people to be able to either use the same words and be treated equally for it rather than one group get a pass and another be rebuked. I also want all people to get over words that like “the n-word”. Words only have the power that you give them. Get bent out of shape when a slur is used against you and you give the word power over you because it has an affect and it shows your opponent that they can control your reaction with a mere noun. On the other hand, let it go and the word loses power and your opponent is forced to rethink their strategy to attack you. Which do you think is the stronger approach?

          Now, as for your accusation that I want to defend or “vindicate” anyone who uses “the n-word”. I don’t think my post made any such indication of those feelings. I asked if the outrage would be different if the slur had been that normally used to demean a different group of people. Please refrain from putting words in my mouth to attack my character.

          And just so you know, my son if half African-American. We will teach him not to get offended at “the n-word”. He will learn that it’s merely a word from a past that does not define him nor his prospects in life. Simple words will not have the power over him that too many people today allow those old words to have over them.

          • Omfg. Your son is half African American. Forgive me. Go forth! Use the N word! You earned it.
            My dad’s a Jew. That means I’m entitled by birthright to be a holocaust denier.
            Dude, you are weak. You’re saying your theoretical son shouldn’t get offended by the N word yet asking me not to attack your character. Weak.
            Next I’m going to prey on the fact you clearly have Christian beliefs.
            Keep replying to me, man. Let me destroy Jesus for you.

          • Yes, I am Christian. Is there a problem with that? By all means, destroy your credibility further by attacking my religious beliefs. I’ll even respond, though it may take a while because I really want to continue this debate, so just keep hitting F5. I won’t even downvote you for expressing your opinion.

          • Yeah man. There’s a lot of problems with magical thinking. It’s disgnostically a mental health issue. You literally believe an Omnipotent being created everything because you don’t want to think hard enough about complexity occurring on its own without thought behind it. Now you’re going to bring a child up to believe that trash.
            But hey. You keep replying so here we go.
            Let’s get a few things established before we start though.
            Do you believe Earth is only 6000 year old?
            Do you deny evolution?
            Do you use that “If there’s no God then explain eyeballs!” argument?
            Your beliefs literally make me want to pat you on the head and talk to you like a toddler. Because they are that stupid.
            Omfg! Can I tell you exactly why there’s no god and you’re very DNA disproves him?

        • Lastly, “cracker”, in the sense that it’s often used a slur, refers to white slave owners from early US history who would crack whips at their slaves to intimidate or harm them. So the use of “cracker” as a racial slur today is actually to call white people slave owners. While it’s origin is just as old and “the n-word”, the extreme vast majority of white (and black) Americans back then didn’t own slaves, however, which is probably why it doesn’t really get a reaction out of most- few actually know what it means, thus it has very little power over those it’s used to demean. The “The n-word”, though, is so widely known as a racial slur because so many people (regardless of race these days) give it power by reacting to it with such outrage.

          • I already get it dude. You like calling people the N word and want it to be okay.

    • But being drunk isn’t an excuse. If he made somebody suck his dong at gunpoint, would it only be okay if he were drunk?
      Look, you’re clearly wanting this kinda backlash to this kinda behaviour to come with zero consequences. And I’m not gonna change your mind via Kotaku commentary. So, instead can you please articulate how condemning this dude is illogical or close minded?
      Because to me he is just straight up a dude who called someone a nigga and told another dude to kill himself. While drunk. At work.

      • It’s clear that you don’t understand that the REAL racism and prejudice in this world is directed at straight white conservative males, the most oppressed of all creatures.

          • No, the fact it’s pretty obvious sarcasm (I mean ‘the most oppressed of all creatures’ COME ON) means you’re either too ideologically jazzed to be paying attention or just need more coffeee. Point is clear, user error.

  • See now, this is pretty bad. I hope you didn’t waste all your outrage on Ninja, this is a lot worse.

    • The modern internet has plenty of outrage to go around

      So much outrage, that the outrage has evolved to Super Outrage

      Eventually, Super Outrage will evolve to Mega Outrage

      I dont know what will happen after that

  • I can’t wait till eSports is taken more seriously like real sports

    That way when cunts like this are exposed the response will be “b o y s w i l l b e b o y s”

    • I lol’d.
      Sporting heroes aren’t heroes.
      From what I’ve construed over the years, they are dudes that hit women, cheat at their sport, tamper with balls, shit in hotel hallways, but are good at a single physical activity so are still heroes.
      In closing this short rant, I’d like to volunteer the fact that I have punched two professional NRL players IRL (one over a girl and one in a traffic altercation). And I’d do it again. And again after that.

      • Getting into a punch up over a traffic altercation? Is that something worth bragging about?

        • Not bragging. Just telling. It’s happened five times though. Maybe six. Probably more like eight.
          I had issues. And great shame. Took charge after it got more frequent.
          Haven’t had an incident since 2016.

    • While it’s good that he’s apologised, I don’t know why people feel they have to write such long winded spiels when it comes to apologising for their actions.

      Here’s an example that doesn’t dwell in self pity and melodrama: “I sincerely regret how I acted. It was inexcusable. I am sorry to everyone who I offended and I accept the consequences of my actions. I have a lot of listening to do and will make sure I don’t act in this way again.” No sob stories about being fed up, or tired, or drunk. No distancing themselves by saying it’s not something they would normally do. We don’t care about how anguished they are or how they’ve let themselves and their family down.

      • I think short apologies are seen as insincere.

        I agree though, who really wants to read justifications? I’m sorry is much better than I’m sorry but.

        • True enough. I guess apologies aren’t one size fits all. I like to believe that the substance of an apology lies in the actions that follow it, but some might like to see more written self flagellation. Agreed, the longer an apology goes on the more likely a “but” will appear.

        • I found that ball tampering one from David Warner lulzy. He was crying like he was told he was going to lose a nut in surgery. And going on about how he doesn’t know how to explain what he did to his children. Like everyone cares about that. “Daddy cheated at his job and lost his career so will be working manual labour from now on. No more ponies for you”. Is that hard?
          Then there’s the interspersed shots of his wife balling her eyes out about it. And her tears just scream “But I’m accustomed to my husband’s multimillion income! I like nice things!!! It’s the only reason I married him!”.
          I just don’t care about how any of these people feel after the fact and their tears are pathetic (but I would still drink them due to their magical properties).

  • Why is it so hard for these braindead dumbshits to grasp? If you don’t want your public career to be destroyed by being revealed as a racist piece of shit, there’s one very simple thing you have to do in order to prevent it from happening: don’t be a racist piece of shit! It’s not fucking rocket science!

    But I guess cunts gotta cunt…

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