Descent Gets A Spiritual Successor Very Soon

Descent Gets A Spiritual Successor Very Soon

When I think about games from the ’90s that I really, really miss, Descent comes to mind quite a lot. Fortunately, we’ll have a new shooter next week that might fit the bill.

Overload is a 6DOF shooter from Revival Productions, a small studio founded in 2014 with former Descent developers. Unsurprisingly, that’s pretty much what Overload is aiming for: a modernised love-letter to Descent.

The game’s been in early access for almost a year, but fully launches on May 31 (so probably June 1 Australian time). The principles are the same: strafe and shoot your way around tight corridors, fight off waves of robots, rescue hostages, blow up a reactor or two and bugger off before the level collapses.

The full campaign will have 15 levels, with 10 separate levels for a challenge mode and a “sample add-on” solo level that’s separate from the main campaign. There’s multiplayer as well, but Overload is really just a solo shooter at heart.

A console launch is “coming soon”, although there’s no news of a Switch port just yet. If you want to get a sense of how the game plays, a free demo using a build of the game from April is available here.


  • It’s just Descent with better graphics.

    …And that’s exactly what it should be!

    Looks awesome!

  • The weapon effects look amazing, ship models not so much and the environment looks like a straight texture-rip from the originals.

    With that said, it’s a small team and OMG 2018 DESCENT!!

  • There was a game on the N64 around the mid-point of the console’s life-cycle that riffed on Descent – what the heck was that called?

    • Used the Google. It was Forsaken 64, and was actually quite early in the console life-cycle (1998). I remember enjoying that quite a bit.

      • The multiplayer in Forsaken was one of the best. Period.
        The rush to grab the nuke and pop it with a well timed gravity bomb was a thrilling time. I hope the multiplayer of overload takes a lot of notes from forsaken.

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