Destiny 2's New DLC Brings A Horde Mode And Lots More

It's been a rocky road for Destiny 2, but Bungie hopes to win back its players with Warmind, a new expansion that will be out on May 8. It's set on Mars and will have you fighting off frozen waves of ancient Hive aliens.

Bungie and co-developer Vicarious Visions showed off Warmind on an hour-long stream earlier today, telling viewers about the campaign's premise, which revolves around the artificial intelligence Rasputin. Short version: Rasputin has woken up from a long slumber, and he's called down a bunch of Warsat satellites, which have cracked open the polar ice caps on Mars and unleashed a whole bunch of the frozen Hive. You'll have to fight those Hive on a new Mars destination that goes live with Warmind.

One of the main features Bungie showed today was Escalation Protocol, a horde mode that sort of looks like a cross between Destiny's Prison of Elders and Court of Oryx. It's a public event on the new Mars area, and it will task players with shooting through waves of enemies before time expires. There are rotating bosses, different tasks (like "destroy those crystals!"), and even mode-specific weapons, like a sweet-looking spear called the Valkyrie that you can hurl at enemies.

Bungie's developers also talked about many of the changes they're making to the player-vs-player Crucible mode. Next month, Destiny 2 will get private matches and ranked PvP, the latter leading to all sorts of wild rewards, like an overpowered gun that will be super-tough to acquire. This gun has a buffed version of the Outlaw perk (precision kills boost your reload speed) and then a new perk called Desperado that boosts your fire rate while Outlaw is active, allowing for what I imagine will be some incredibly overpowered attacks.

Warmind also comes with a new Raid Lair, new Strikes, an NPC named Ana Bray, and a bunch of other changes, including the emote wheel (!) that Destiny fans have been requesting for years now. It will be interesting to see if this all is enough to bring regular Destiny players back - and keep them playing.


    No thanks Bungie. I have other games to play and actually enjoy.


    Warframe, The Division, Borderlands Pre-Sequel (I will unlock all the achievements), Tera.


      I wish destiny had something like the dark zone from the division. Not sure how it would work but i think it would be cool.

      Monster Hunter World for me, but similar sentiment.

      I mean - I've read at least that Bungee is in a bind due to godawful developer tools making it incredibly difficult to create new content or make changes in a decent amount of time but that's very much their problem to solve, and nobody should feel obliged to support them financially while they get their shit together.

    Shame there isn't a new enemy but who am I kidding, I'll be back for more!

    I kinda remember something else being mostly a horde mode...

    A horde-mode public event? Wouldn't that just be like (almost) every other public event then?

      Yeah im a bit confused by that. Hopefully its better than it sounds.

    Destiny 2, where players travel through space wondering where the hell Bungie went wrong and how they can they get their money back.

    No thanks, bungo! We've moved on from being in an abusive relationship with your game and lack of care for us!

    And let the moaning begin!

    and lots more
    Yeah, and if its anything like the last 'expansion' it will all add up to an incredibly shallow amount of content.

    Destiny 2 has so little content its absurd... And Bungie are consistently trying and failing at implementing 'new' elements that other games have been doing for years.

    Much happier since moving to The Division and Warframe.

    Frozen hive? Real original... You'd expect new things out of new dlc but Bungie clearly arent capable of coming up with new concepts

    Is it free?
    Is it available to Season Pass 1 holders?
    Do we need to buy a new season pass?

      The season pass covers Osiris and Warmind.

      Last edited 26/04/18 1:23 pm

    Oh cool, high-rank PVP rewards that are really good for PVE, driving the PVE crowd into a playstyle they don't like? Why, it's just like mid to late 00s WoW design philosophy! That they, y'know... realized was fucking bullshit and outgrew.

    Bungie: Repeating decade-old mistakes already solved and learned by their fucking cousin company, one design decision at a time.

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