Doom, Now With Some 2K Textures

Hoover1979 is working on a texture pack for Doom (and Doom 2) that takes the original game's blurry surfaces and brings them into the 2K generation.

He's re-doing everything. Not just the walls, but terminals, windows, skies, the works. Even at this early stage, the results are a lot better than the whole idea sounds on paper.

He isn't done yet - it's a lot of work! - but there's a demo you can try out here.


    There was another texture pack floating around years ago along with 3D models for one of the source ports. Can’t remember what it was called or for which port, except it wasn’t gzDoom.

      Was it legacy doom? Vaguely remember playing it online via dialup.

    Haha, don't tempt me to further delay my idverse playthru!

    There has been a replacement texture pack, faithful to the original game tiles, available for years. It's nearly complete too.

    Is that Centrepoint Tower in the blurry skyline of the 1st pic? On the right.

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