Dota Pro Has A Very Racist Reason For Hating His Own Name

Professional Dota player Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang was streaming today when he felt compelled to explain why he doesn't like his own first name.

Update (1122 AEST): Iceiceice's Twitch account has been shut down, as per the story below.

Dota 2 Pro's Twitch Channel Closed After Using N-Word To Describe His Name

Small tip for Dota professionals. if you want to keep your Twitch account going, don't drop the n****r word on stream, even in reference to your actual name.

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"I don't even like the name Daryl," said iceiceice. "Daryl is like a n****r's name. It's not an... OK, it's a black person's name. I'm not a big fan of like, Daryl. My parents named me Daryl after watching a show."

Daryl is currently the offlane player for Mineski, which won the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 just last week.


    "Daryl is like a n****r's name."

    Yikes... and I'm pretty sure the name originated from somewhere in Europe.

    Daryl is currently the offlane player for Mineski

    Not for much longer, you'd think?

    The worst part is the people defending him.

    Can we please get rid of the argument of "well in his culture that word doesn't have as much meaning, so he didn't mean it to be racist"

    It isn't an excuse! just don't say the word, it's as easy as that, if you think that someone who has been streaming to a worldwide audience doesn't know how offensive that word is then you are kidding yourself.

      Actually if anyone has watched iceiceices streams this actually parfor the course ror him..

      Hes a massive troll

    *Strolls in thinking this will be a piece about how Asian people in western countries are socially compelled to have a western name*. Oh. Oh no. It's just yet another arsehole hating black people.

    Looks like a position is opening up for Mineski.

    I thought it sounded like an extremely white name.

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