Every Myst Game Is Getting Repackaged For The Game’s 25th Anniversary

It’s been 25 years since the original Myst was launched, confusing school teachers and boosting sales of Macs around the world. So to celebrate, developers Cyan are running a limited edition Kickstarter containing every Myst game ever released.

The special edition physical release comes not long after Cyan announced they would be releasing Windows 10-comptaible versions of every Myst game this year. This Kickstarter will include those updated versions, while housing them in a 1.23kg book akin to the iconic Myst linking books:

The book has a 480p IPS LCD screen inside for those buying into the $US169 tier; if you’re just grabbing the $US99 offering, you’ll still be able to see through a window in the book to the art on the game sleeves. Higher tiers also have functioning replicas of the inkwell and pen used by Gehn, as well as 25 hand-drawn concept sketches from Riven if you’re happy to pony up over $US1,000.

That’s exorbitant beyond measure, but it’s still nice to see the series get another physical run. The Kickstarter has another 44 days to run, but it’s already within reaching distance of its goal of £175,584. You can check it all out here.

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