Far Cry 5 Compared With Far Cry 2

Far Cry 5 Compared With Far Cry 2

Between the plains of Africa and the fictional Hope County, a lot has changed over the years.

YouTuber Crowbcat has done a neat little retrospective comparing Far Cry 5 with its compatriot ten years prior, Far Cry 2. It’s interesting to note that both games are still using Ubisoft’s take on the CryEngine, Dunia.

Far Cry has always been a game that has a lot of little visual details, and it’s fascinating to see the differences between the two games. The sounds in Far Cry 2 still have a great amount of oomph, and it’s aged pretty well visually all things considered.

It’s a great little reminder of the amount of tiny things that go into game development: the sound of a bush being run over, the detail in the explosion of a grenade, the physics of an object being hit by a car, the sound of a car coming to a standstill.


  • Far Cry 2 is the only game in the series i haven’t finished, it was a repetitive nightmare.

    They are all repetitive but imho 2 wasn’t fun, drive, come to roadblock destroy roadblock rinse and repeat for every intersection of the game.

    • The roadblocks were awful. Just getting from A to B was a colossal pain in the arse. Got so sick of wading through pointless engagements.

      • Have you played Far Cry 5? I am playing through it at the moment and really enjoying it, but wading through pointless engagements has returned and it is quite frustrating.

    • I fucking despise Far Cry 2 solely for its roadblocks. It’s bad enough that they respawn almost instantly if you wander a dozen metres or so down the road, but I gave up on the game entirely when I realised you couldn’t even drive through them and speed away…. because the cheaty AI would *always* catch up to you and force you into a fight.

      • I thought the point of Far Cry was that it was so open and you could go more or less anywhere. So despite this they made it so you couldn’t, I dunno, drive off road and go around the checkpoint? That’s lame.

        • I remember the map being riddled with impassable cliffs, dense trees and other bullcrap that would at best slow you down, but more often than not force you onto the road and into checkpoints.

          • That kinda sucks. I could understand forcing you through some. But in an “open” game you should be able to bypass at least some of them 🙁

          • I fired up the game over the weekend, just to make sure I was remembering correctly, and yeah its pretty bad. If you google an image of the map, the dark areas between roads are impassable cliffs. Apart from the odd offroad shortcut (which often have little camps/outposts in the middle of them anyway) you end up being regularly funnelled through a half-dozen or so checkpoints every mission.

            Even trying to go by river sucks as there are far too many places with outposts on both sides which shoot you to bits immediately, forcing you to bail and run/swim for cover almost every time.

          • Thanks for the info. That’s pretty bad design from a game whose whole series premise seemed to be built around freedom of movement and choice.

            Ah well, not like I could play it anyway 🙁

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt this way. I put it down ages ago and haven’t picked it back up again because I can barely remember what’s going on.

    • Yup. Respawning roadblocks. Killed the game for me too.

      Real shame… other than that it was actually a better game than 3 in many ways.

    • Yep. From memory there was a PC mod that changed the roadblocks so they don’t respawn. Made moving around much less of a hassle.

    • I got pretty far through it, but never finished it. The game was incredible in terms of detail, but like you said, very repetitive. Loved 3 and 4, but am yet to play 5. The first was a totally different game, it was great at the time, but another one I didn’t finish.

    • I hated Far Cry 2, and it was solely because of those goddamn roadblocks and checkpoints. It would have been a good game without that stupid crap, and more freedom to go off the roads. Boy am I glad I still gave 3 a shot though it was fantastic loved it, can’t say they didn’t learn from their mistakes!

  • Roadblocks 🙁
    Far Mechanic 🙁
    Hive-mind-AI 🙁
    No animals 🙁

    Still good, still liked and finished it.

  • I completely agree with with all the above comments. It was an immensely frustrating game, especially the checkpoints (as previously mentioned), how quickly weapons degraded and those mortar guys later in the game that could hit you unerringly from over a mile away with no line of sight could kindly fuck right off too! But it’s also depressing seeing how much attention to detail that went into 2- the level of destructible scenery, better enemy behaviour, brilliant environmental effects, awesome idle, jam and healing animations (wiping the scope and the genuinely wince inducing shit your character did to patch himself up for example. So effing good). Yet all this is reduced or completely absent in later games. WTF, Ubisoft?

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