Far Cry 5 Players Are Looking For Bigfoot 

Far Cry 5 Players Are Looking For Bigfoot 

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It started with an abandoned cabin on the western edge of Far Cry 5’s fictional setting of Hope County, Montana. There, players found clues to what they now believe are possible Bigfoot locations. They have since set off scouring the world for more clues, desperate to see their belief in the supernatural vindicated.

Who was Dansky? It’s hard to tell exactly. His cabin is in the Whitetail Mountains and its full of Bigfoot research. The location is part of a Prepper Mission, one of the game’s side-activities that require you to complete simple puzzles or platforming challengings to get access to cash and supplies.

The cabin’s locked when you first find it, with a note near the door. “I’m up at the old lookout,” it reads. “I’ve got a feeling our hunt is over soon and we’ll have proof of that squatch once and for all! Get the drams ready!” It’s signed “Dicky Dansky.”

This initiates the Gone Squatchin’ Prepper Stash mission, which leads you farther up the mountain path in search of Dansky’s keycard to unlock his cabin. The paths around the lookout are peppered with piles of bones, boxes of cereal, and blue cooler cases.

If you’re looking closely, you’ll even stumble upon a few strange looking footprints. From there you can grapple hook your way up to a ledge and from there get to an alcove where a body rests. It turns out to be Dansky’s.

The road to Dansky’s body is filled with already eaten snacks.

The road to Dansky’s body is filled with already eaten snacks.

You can take the key card but there’s little evidence to show what happened to him. Cougars? Bears? His wounds don’t quite match up with an attack by an animal. Instead he looks bludgeoned to death. There’s also a stick nearby, though it’s unclear whether Dansky was using it as a torch or it was a murder weapons.

Maybe it was both. Either way, back down at Dansky’s cabin you can unlock the doors and find what he’s been working on: a map.

While the Squatchin’ mission as a whole is what’s convinced players that Bigfoot’s in the game, it’s this map that has become the jumping off point for the larger search. “Is this chiliad all over again?” one Reddit user asked, comparing it to the multi-year search for aliens in GTA V. Dansky’s markings aren’t the most helpful.

Question marks in general appear to be possible sightings or general points of interest, but some have things like “no” written next to them, implying the Bigfoot hunter later went back and crossed it off his list. I’ve visited a handful and so far haven’t found much to help push the theory further.

According to a manuscript you find outside Dansky’s cabin, the character’s obsession with Bigfoot began when he was a camp counselor at a nearby camp. While out in the wildness on a trip with a bunch of 12 year-olds he swears they saw something that could only be categorized as large creature.

This has led some players to search methodically through campsites and campgrounds for clues. Maps similar to Dansky’s have been discovered in a few, some of which have new locations circled, although because they aren’t directly linked to the Squatchin’ mission it’s hard to know if they’re connected at all.

The ground near the lookout above Dansky’s cabin has suspicious tracks the first time you visit. (Screenshot: Discord)

The ground near the lookout above Dansky’s cabin has suspicious tracks the first time you visit. Screenshot: Discord

A more promising spot appeared to be a cave in the upper Northwest part of the game’s map. A cabin there has a note explaining how a killer bear killed a son’s parents and he set off to avenge their deaths.

Searching around there you can find the cave, two piles of human remains, and the hunter in question. Was he killed by the bear in question, or did he succeed and simply took shelter in the cave, only to be killed by its true resident, Bigfoot? Players scouting this area haven’t been able to find anything further at the moment, making it appear for the time being to be another dead end.

In his final journal entry, Dansky says he’s heard the sasquatch call and believes it came from a cave along the cliffs overlooking his cabin. Players tried to visit some of the cliffs he might have been talking about, camping out and spending the night. Others have tried the locations photographed on Dansky’s map. “I’ve been to the one place with the photo where bigfoot is visible waited around for like a day watching the hill, no wildlife but boomers barked,” said Reddit user DeepExplore. Still nothing though.

I recently visited the the circled “X” on the top left corner of Dansky’s map, a small formation of boulders overlooking a lake, to satisfy my own curiosity. First an Angel attacked me, then a number of wolf Judges. No dead bodies though, or signs of a camping cooler and garbage strewn about like near Dansky’s cabin.

Being committed though I decided to wait until night. Maybe I’d hear something or, better yet, catch a glimpse of the creature myself. Crouched on one of the boulders I waited. And waited. And waited. At some point I heard snarling and thought it might be more wolves but nothing attacked me.

So I got up to walk around and look for its source. Maybe this was a clue after all? Unfortunately, no. The noises turned out to be coming from a nearby grizzly that had unceremoniously lodged itself between two pine trees.

It’s unclear whether postings like these are just for fun or evidence Bigfoot is really in the game. (Screenshot: Reddit)

It’s unclear whether postings like these are just for fun or evidence Bigfoot is really in the game. Screenshot: Reddit

This is one of the things that makes searching for Bigfoot particularly challenging. Far Cry 5 is full of seemingly spontaneous events and weird glitches. Telling those apart from actual clues intended by the game’s designers to lead players to an eventual Bigfoot sighting is easier said than done. Reddit user jukadojensen recently tried thinking even more outside the box.

“Not sure if anyone noticed this but, there’s a red buoy at the bigfoot cave,” they wrote on one of the Bigfoot threads. “There is also a picture of boomer on the table to the left of this map. Another thought, do we need the animal perk to see bigfoot?”

While some players have taken to methodically trying to retrace Dansky’s steps, others have been spitballing possible connections between what’s discovered at the different locations and trying to unearth some hidden meaning.

It’s possible no one has yet seen it because Ubisoft hasn’t yet put it in the main game, waiting instead to introduce Bigfoot in an official update or DLC.

It’s also possible that people haven’t yet found him because no one has thrown bait onto the right location, smashed some sticks against a couple of rocks, and then waited for several day and night cycles for something to come wandering through. In a game where weird stuff happens like clockwork, it really is anybody’s guess what the special circumstances that might lead to a Bigfoot sighting really are.

Until they’re discovered, the hunt continues.


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