Far Cry Sniper Bullet Punches Through Entire Truck

Far Cry Sniper Bullet Punches Through Entire Truck

Today on Highlight Reel we have tons of glitches, devil summoning, fantastic sniper shots, and much more!

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  • I thought the sniper rifle penetration thing was common knowledge, honestly. I’ve used that to my advantage to get multi-kills quite a lot so far, as well as accidentally killing several civilians while shooting at someone else.

    • I didn’t know, and I felt like a sucker.

      Admittingly, I have used the tactic of shooting multiple people at once with the one bullet, however, I’ve also completely blown myself with stealth. I’ll shoot a guy, the bullet will penetrate them and hit a wall, alerting nearby enemies… meanwhile, the bow/arrow won’t do that, keeping me nice and quiet.

      Still a fun gun to use, though.

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