Fine Art: Rest In Peace, Green Axe

Fine Art: Rest In Peace, Green Axe

Suzanne Helmigh is an artist who has worked on things such as Magic: The Gathering and Horizon Zero Dawn.

She currently has a personal project, the illustrated fantasy novel Caldyra (which she’s been working on since 2012!), up on Kickstarter. Below you’ll see a bunch of art from the book, along with some of Helmigh’s other works.

You can see more of Suzanne’s work at her personal site and ArtStation page.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.




  • Damn the costumes n outfits in Horizon were so good. The Ban-Ur shamen, the Meridian clothing (and circuit-board eye liner tatts)… Every few months I boot it up to just do some sightseeing, play with the camera mode and if a mate is over who hasn’t seen it before I do a speedrun of the area with the 2 Thunderjaws. If they wanna see more a Stormbird fight. Bring on number 2! Actually no. Take your time, Guerilla Games and keep the quality top-shelf please.

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