Flipping People Off Becomes A Photo Trend Among Pop Team Epic Fans 

Flipping People Off Becomes A Photo Trend Among Pop Team Epic Fans 

People in Japan have long known what flipping the bird means. But recently, it’s become more prevalent, among Pop Team Epic fans.

Photo: ch2re, ortMzlCGYR35yTA, Zzz_dmsk

Pop Team Epic Anime Fans React Accordingly

If these were any other anime fans, sticking their middle fingers in their air would be considered rude. But these are Pop Team Epic anime fans, so this seems about right.

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Of course, this doesn’t mean everyone is doing it. They’re not! Don’t think that. But fans are certainly striking “Pop Team Epic-style pose” (ポプテピピック風ポーズ or “Poptepipic-fuu poozu”) or simply “Pop Team Epic pose” (ポプテピピックのポーズ or “Poptepipic-fuu poozu”). While there are various famous poses in Pop Team Epic, flicking people off is the one.

Of course, you’d expect this from cosplayers.

Notice the one kid doing a Pop Team Epic.

If the Pop Team Epic pose becomes even more popular, and we’ll be in the midst of a middle finger renaissance.

Editor’s Note: The headline has been changed to avoid confusion.


  • They probably don’t even know what it means. For all they know it’s just a friendly American greeting.

  • I find it hilarious that most photos only censor the faces of the people. Then there’s that one picture where the fingers are censored but the faces are shown.

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