Grab Cuphead For $17, But Only For A Day

Grab Cuphead For $17, But Only For A Day
Image: Youtube (디피리 Dipiri`s GameWorld)

If you haven’t given the ’30s styled run-and-gun action of Cuphead a go yet, you have just under a day to do so for a very decent price.

GOG are currently running a small sale on Studio MDHR’s brutal platformer, with a DRM-free version of the game available for $16.99. That’s almost $10 cheaper than what it’ll cost on Steam after the USD-AUD currency conversion, and about the same saving compared to the Microsoft Store.

Cuphead: The Kotaku Review

Cuphead turns players into perfectionists. The long-awaited hand-drawn action game is full of cartoony boss battles that demand enough precision and focus that even a single hit of damage feels unacceptable. Playing <em>Cuphead</em> is like a stage performance; every mistake is embarrassing, but the curtain call of each defeated boss is like nothing else.

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You can grab the soundtrack from GOG as well, if you’re into that sort of thing. Otherwise, this is probably the best version of the game you can get: it’s not a UWP app, because you’re not buying it through the Microsoft Store, and you can install it separate to any launchers or third-party apps (including GOG Galaxy).

But all of that aside, Cuphead is a great game. It’s also a lot of fun despite the difficulty, which puts some people off sometimes. GOG also has deals on a range of other indies, with Broforce going for $4.29 and Sir, You Are Being Hunted available for just over $5. The deals expire after lunch tomorrow.


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