Halo 5 Players Can Now Shoot Each Other On Board The Titanic

Halo 5 Players Can Now Shoot Each Other On Board The Titanic

There’s a somewhat lesser known corollary to the “If you build it, they will come” line from the baseball movie Field of Dreams. It goes: “If you build it, someone will also build it in Halo 5.” Thanks to the game’s Forge map editor, players have been pumping out all sorts of creations inspired by non-Halo stuff. The latest of these is an in-game replica of the Titanic.

Screenshot: C0naN 0007 (Halo 5)

The new map “RMS Titanic” is a modded version of the official Tidal multiplayer map. It was created by Forge user C0naN 0007.

YouTuber Brusky of the fan-run Halo Spark Forge Network recently featured the Titanic map in one of his videos. While building a massive object that looks like the Titanic would have been trouble enough, C0naN made the top deck of the ship playable. In the video below you can see Brusky walking across it as he tours the nautical behemoth:

The map spawns you on a small island of ice right next to the ship. From there you can pilot a Wasp to actually land on the deck and explore the rest of the exterior. C0naN maxed out the object limit Forge affords map makers, giving his Titanic replica an impressive level of accuracy. It has four giant smokestacks, deck railings and portholes. It’s cool to see the historic ship rendered in a game, even if that game is as unlikely a fit as Halo 5.

The real Titanic (left) compared to C0naN 0007’s (right).

The real Titanic (left) compared to C0naN 0007‘s (right).

Forge users have done a lot with Halo 5. They have turned the game into Duck Hunt, and as Brusky explains C0naN has a number of other really interesting map creations as well, including recreations of ship areas modelled after those found in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. You can check the rest of them here.


  • Pet peeve of mine – the line from Field of Dreams is ‘If you build it, HE will come’

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