Halo Pro’s Controller Disconnects During World Championship Match

Halo Pro’s Controller Disconnects During World Championship Match

The most nightmarish moment of anyone’s Xbox Live session happened to Tyler “Spartan” Ganza during a world championship match. While he and his team were battling for a top three spot in the $US1,000,000 ($1,287,840) tournament, his controller disconnected.

Ganza and his team Reciprocity were on a decisive map 7 against Team Envy. He was on a streak, sprinting for the camo spawn, when disaster struck and his controller disconnected from his Xbox.

Despite his team being up in kills, the momentary pause allowed the other team to snatch the camo and take the wheel. By game’s end, Team Envy was up in kills. Envy won the series 4-3, and Reciprocity went home in 4th place.

In a post-match interview, Justin “Pistola” Deese expressed his sympathies. “I feel really bad for them, because of the disconnected controller, but I don’t know what to do about that,” said Deese.

Ganza had some different feelings about the situation, posting just one tweet.


  • Wait. Surely you would play with wired controllers only in a championship match, right?

    • These guys are “pro’s” and they claim “(blah blah blah)… but I don’t know what to do about that”…

      Major spoiler: wired controller
      or put a fresh, straight out-of-the-pack, set of batteries in said controller… you know stuff that a “pro” would do before an important match.

      • Ganza says in the replies on that tweet that he was using a cable (supposedly it’s a rule to avoid interference between other controllers\consoles), even still there are other things that can happen such as a faulty cable, bad port in the controller etc.

        • @acosnave agreed that other “acts of God can and do occur”, but this honestly seems like a no-brainer (literally and figuratively – see what I did there)

  • Yeah pretty stupid to not use wired around all that interference – multiple controllers running concurrently on multiple xbox’s as well as all the WiFi signals from other devices in the studio.

    It’s one of the things I couldn’t believe when the ps4 came out that it didn’t support wired when plugged in – luckily they have resolved this in the newer controllers.

  • I’ve had three different Xbones and about 8 different controllers and theyve all suffered dropouts within a 4m radius of my console.

    Never happened on the 360, but for some reason Xbone controllers are just shit.

  • Hardware faults happen. Every major Dota tournament will have at least a few pauses for keyboard/mouse issues. I’m sure that the same is true for pretty much every other major gaming tournament in the world.

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