Hellboy Board Game Kickstarter Raises $1 Million In About Five Seconds

Hellboy Board Game Kickstarter Raises $1 Million In About Five Seconds

A miniatures board game based on Hellboy — the comic, mercifully, not the movies — has launched on Kickstarter, and is already 6x over its funding target.

Designed for 1-4 players, you take control of a BPRD agent and “explore gothic locations, hunt down clues, discover artefacts, fight horrific creatures and face off against terrifying bosses”.

The terrain is lifted straight from the comics, and the game ships with 108 plastic miniatures, including a whole bunch of monsters and Nazis.

Having asked for $US140,000 ($184,828), the game is at $US1 ($1) million with 28 days left on its Kickstarter.


  • the comic, mercifully, not the movies

    Ahhhh, we’re rewriting history now and pretending the movies weren’t good… gotcha!

  • Those movies were fantastic. I’m just sad they’re doing the reboot now rather than letting Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman finish their trilogy first.

    • Indeed. I’m loving the idea of this new one and LOVE how Harbor looks. But I dearly with Del Toro got to make part 3 🙁

      • I’d love to know the true reason behind the change of actor and director. We read various reports but who knows if they’re actually *real*.

        But failing another Del Toro Hellboy just somebody finally let him make At the Mountains of Madness!

        • It has a lot to do with the fact that while he’s an auter no doubt, a true visionary, Del Toro has had more flops in America than he has had hits. Hellboy 2 only brought in 160 million in total. Having an 85 mil budget, it required roughly 170 – 180 to break even (2.2 x budget used to be the simple way to approximate it back then). HB2 didn’t ‘flop’ at all, but it was by no means a success unfortunately. That, coupled with the fact he has the tendency to take on a lot of projects, spend studio money developing, then abandon projects as fast as he starts them (The Hobbit, Beauty and the Beast, Justice League Dark and many more for example), means studios were VERY wary of him.

          He’s become the golden boy again however with his very European movie “50 Shades of Water” I mean “The Shape of Water”, so studios are now vying again for the guy to direct their stuff. So who knows.

          Just don’t get your hopes up for ‘Mountains’. And to be honest? At this point, I’d say there’s other directors who can pull that one off.

          • I know that’s the story we hear, but I’d like to know exactly how true it is. The same with him leaving movies, is he genuinely abandoning them because he’s just not interested, or got a better offer or is it a case of “he’s seen the writing on the wall” and the movie is never going to happen, or it’s going to be hamstrung by the producers (a very real risk with some of the movies).

            I don’t *expect* AtMoM to ever get made, but I still hope it will and by Del Toro because he has a terrific visual sense and loves cool monster design. Not saying no one else could do it, but I think his version would be the most visually interesting.

          • I can absolutely vow for a lot of it being true. I’ve been friends with Doug Jones for a long time, since 2007, the first time I interviewed him and we’ve kept in contact. A lot of it stems from Del Toro walking away from projects due to studio interference, they promise him the world, promise him ‘his vision’, then when push comes to shove they try to say ‘hey it’s our money, fall into line’, so Del Toro tends to flip the bird and walk away. That’s happened quite a lot. As for the box office, that’s been a huge reason why also. Pacific Rim also did him no favours unfortunately with both its critical panning AND its under-performance (It made 411, but on a 190 budget, the studio was still counting on around 600 or so).

            The *down* side to all that, is when Studio A is abandoned by him for good reasons, Studio B is less likely to work with the guy, even though he IS a genius, because of the garbage situation with Studio A trying to be controlling (cough cough WB cough cough JLA Dark cough). A great example though of his vision mostly coming together was Crimson Peak, which only did 74 million world wide on a 55 million budget. It deserved to do better, but quite frankly at that time with all the jumpscare horrors that were out there, it was advertised as something COMPLETELY different, but what we got was a classic Victorian Gothic horror movie, a fantastic film. People didn’t respond to it though due to whatever reason and that again, burnt bridges unfairly :\

          • A situation that’s not going to be helped by the fact there aren’t a lot of big studios and the number seems to be shrinking all the time.

            To be honest, I’m struggling trying to remember a Del Toro movie that was a huge financial success. I love pretty much all of his films, but I can’t recall one where the return was huge. Even The Shape of Water isn’t hitting those 3 or 4 multipliers on production cost. I do however, wonder just what sort of dvd/streaming revenue his movies pull in though since they are all fan favourites.

          • You’d think winning an Oscar for The Shape of Water (not to mention making a tidy sum at the box office, given its relatively modest budget) would have him back in the studios’ good books again, though.

          • Critical panning for Pacific Rim? 65 on Metacritic and 6.6 on Rotten Tomatoes may not be amazing numbers but I certainly wouldn’t call it panning

          • By and large the reception for Pacific Rim wasn’t overly positive, with people saying the action was fun, but the characterisation was absolutely dreadful (it was). RT and MC are interesting sites to look at, but at the end of the day, PR did underperform at 411 compared to what they were hoping for. The only reason a sequel was deemed possible was because it was a hit in China, who essentially funded part 2 after part 1 grossed 111 million there, over a quarter of its total worldwide take.

  • However good Del Toro’s movies were, the comics are so much better. Glad they’re focusing on the comics.

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