The Gamesmen Has God Of War For Super Cheap

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It's safe to say the new God of War is going to hit it out of the park. The bat being a bloodied, serrated axe and the ball the decapitated head of some unfortunate, mythical sod. And if you want to slice and dice with the most bearded of troubled gods, you're going to want to grab the game for cheap. How does $65 sound?

While Amazon has the game for $69, you can do a few dollars better via The Gamesmen's eBay store. It's listed for $68.49, but by using the following discount code, you can bring this down to $65.07, delivered:


FYI, this is a site-wide eBay coupon, so if whatever reason you don't want God of War, feel free to splurge elsewhere.

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It's possible better deals for the game will pop up in the next week or so (God of War comes out on April 20), but if you want to lock in your copy now for a very good price, this is a nice way to do so.

God of War PlayStation 4 Game Pre Order Release Day 20/4 [eBay, via OzBargain]


    Great deal. Will check them out for other deals.

    With GoW though, I feel like I’m okay with paying a couple extra dollars and buying it release day from JB on way home from work.

      Yeah I'll probably just get it for $79 from JB on the way home on Friday too.

    It looks like they may have scrapped this deal already. Amazon is $75 with expedited delivery (for launch day arrival)

    It's showing up as $94.95 now. Good find, but short-lived. Amazon it is I guess.

    JB are doing their usual trade 2 for 1 on this game at the moment.

    It's also worth mentioning that FIFA 18 is on their trade list and it's on sale for $35 at Target. If you wanna be a super tight ass.

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