Here’s A Cracking Aussie Far Cry 5 Short Film

Here’s A Cracking Aussie Far Cry 5 Short Film

Image: Fury Fingers / YouTube

The Adelaide group Fury Fingers have a solid track record when it comes to fan films. Their latest cracker: Far Cry 5.

Titled Baptism of Fire, the 15 minute live action short covers Grace, Boomer and Nick Rye as they face off against Seed and his cohorts. It’s the latest short from Fury Fingers, which has produced shorts inspired by Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Ghost Recon, and Call of Duty.

Baptism of Fire is a fairly action-packed short, with lots of CGI and gunshots abound. There’s also some very good dogs, and some bombs for some good measure.

Cosplay photographer STEAMKITTENS also released some behind the scenes shots, a couple of which you can see below:


For more shots behind the scenes, head to the STEAMKITTENS page. And for more shorts from Fury Fingers, head here.

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