Here’s Rise Of The Tomb Raider And A 1TB Xbox One For $199

Here’s Rise Of The Tomb Raider And A 1TB Xbox One For $199

It’s not an Xbox One X, or even an Xbox One S. But for $199 today, you can get Rise of the Tomb Raider and a 1TB stock Xbox One for – I shit you not – $199.

The deal is available through Target’s website nationwide now. It’s not available in-store.

The one caveat here is while the store listing clearly shows a box shot of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, the description doesn’t mention that it comes with Tomb Raider, or whether Tomb Raider is pre-installed on the console:

Bundle includes: Xbox One 1TB console with wireless controller and Rise Of The Tomb Raider Game download.

However, towards the bottom of the listing it adds that it comes with “Includes Rise Of The Tomb Raider game download token, Tomb Raider definitive edition game download token.”

So, a little bit of confusion. Either way, you have a choice between a cracking deal and a stupidly good deal. Head over to Target’s online page to snap it up, if you’re interested.


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