Here’s The Cheapest Way To Legally Watch Westworld Season 2 In Australia

Westworld returns to Australian screens today, April 23. As the Australian Government continues to come down on piracy sites, you might be looking for a cheap, legal way to watch. Just like we did with Game of Thrones, we’ve worked out the most cost-effective option: You can get the series for free, if you’re willing to wait – or, you can split the difference with a mate and watch live for a cool $20.

The cheapest possible price to ensure you can watch Westworld season 2 live (and legal) is: $15

Subscribe to Foxtel Now’s Drama Pack Today, April 23

The Drama Pack gives you access to Foxtel’s HBO content via the showcase channel. If you’re a first time user, you’ll be given a two-week free period. Of course, it makes the most sense to subscribe right on the day the opening episode airs: April 23. That’ll give you access to episodes 1-3 for free and should start your billing cycle on May 8.

Share with a mate

Foxtel allows you to stream to two devices at the same time, meaning if you’ve got a particularly sci-fi loving friend who will be watching Westworld you can get them on board to split the cost. You’ll have to pay for half of course, but that will bring the price down to the previously mentioned $15. That’s the same price many paid for Game of Thrones last year.

Don’t forget to cancel your subscription on July 2

Once the season ends – which we expect to be before July 8 (and presumably on June 25, based on last year’s run being over 10 concurrent weeks) – you’ve gotta go and cancel your subscription. Once you’ve been deactivated, all things considered, you should be charged for two months of content at $15 a pop.

Once all is said and done, you would have spent $30 on the Drama pack for two months. We think that’s a pretty good price for one of the two pillars of HBO entertainment right now. You could also, you know, use the Drama pack to watch a ton of other great Foxtel content, but that’s not up to us.

An even thriftier way would be to sign up for Foxtel Now after the entire season has aired and then just jump into it on demand – for free. The two-week trial period will be enough for you to binge watch the whole series, if you can wait and avoid all those spoilery spoilers.


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