Here’s The Latest Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

Here’s The Latest Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

Image: IMDB / Disney

Got a couple of minutes to spare today? Here’s the latest Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer.

Disney dropped the latest trailer this morning, which includes Han asking Chewy about his age – 190 years old in the movie, apparently – and covering the origins of Han Solo’s story.

A lot of the shots have already been shown before, although there’s plenty of new scenes and locations that haven’t been shown before. There’s also more lines from Tobias (Woody Harrelson), who’s acting as a mentor to Solo and Lando (Donald Glover).

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits local cinemas May 24.


  • Am I allowed to be harsh and say this and Rogue One are turning out to be better prequels than Episodes 1 – 3?

    • Are you daring to form your own opinion on the internet?!?!!

      I’ve enjoyed all of them so far. Looking forward to this one too!

    • Agreed, with the caveat that the plot on-planet in Rogue One’s third act went to shit. So many baffling moments.

      But then everything in the Prequel Trilogy is awful, so Rogue One can be forgiven that one hang-up.

    • I don’t think that’s harsh. Episode 1-3 were trying too hard to make an interesting story out of history we already knew (and they arguably failed at doing that, though I don’t mind them personally).
      Rogue One (and by the looks of it Solo too) are just original, fun films.

  • still not really sold on this but I wasn’t so sold on Rogue One and enjoyed it so I’m open to just watching it for the heck of it

  • Gah, i know actors be actors and all, but all i will be thinking is ‘oh look it’s Tallahassee and Daenerys”. Gimme lesserknowns in a movie like this dammit.

  • I’m more into this than I thought I’d be. Always thought Han was a one-dimensional character who was in the first three films to hold the main story together and (literally) transport some of the main characters from place to place. So I didn’t have very high hopes. But I really am looking forward to a large Coke and popcorn and sitting back and enjoying.

  • This actually looks to be shaping up great! This seems more like what I want from the anthology movies.

    It’s still about a major character, but shifting the tone and giving me a new TYPE of story in the star wars setting is what I’m pumped for!

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