Japan Is Making Our Transformer Dreams Real 

Japan Is Making Our Transformer Dreams Real 

A real Transformer. Like, as in a robot that turns into a car you can drive. Thank you, Japan!

GIF: Kazumichi Moriyama

Called the J-deite Ride, this 4m-tall transforming vehicle is the closest the world has seen to an actual Transformer. In “humanoid mode” J-deite Ride is able to walk, while in “vehicle mode” it’s apparently a steerable car.

Kotaku first covered this project – a collaboration between Brave Robotics, Takara Tomy and Asratec – back in 2014. The goal is to create a 5m tall version by 2020. My goal is to drive this thing.


  • Call me again when it’s a self aware, autonomous battlebot that drives for me.

    And can change into a maserati… and a main battle tank … and a F22… and yacht.

    And will adopt me, so I don’t have to pay for it.

  • Curious to know what the two little yellow chocks are for.
    The dude just manually screwed them onto the windscreen at the end.

    Love how the fists just swing into the side compartment, like on a real transformer.

    • In the first video there’s safety cables attached to the body via hooks, the yellow bits seem to be visual trimming to cover those hooks.

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