Japanese Exoskeleton Suit Goes On Sale For Only $121,000

If you have over a hundred thousand bucks you'd like to spend, perhaps you'd be interested in an exoskeleton suit? Even if it won't make you super strong?

GIF: Skeletonics

According to Japanese site IT Media, Skeletonics, the folks behind this exoskeleton, is now offering order-made suits that start at ¥10 million ($121,295). The suits are 2.8m tall and weigh 40kg.

Photo: Skeletonics

The highly expressively exoskeleton is completely analogue and won't make the wearer faster or stronger. Then what exactly does the suit do? Well, you can get it in, walk around, control its arms, and move the fingers.

Photo: Skeletonics

"I'm frequently told that it looks fantastic, but then have to explain that it doesn't really do anything, which ends up confusing a lot of people," creator Reyes Tatsuru Shiroku told The Japan Times. (Full disclosure: I am a Japan Times columnist.)

"We didn't think about creating anything useful," he added. "That's probably why we were able to develop a unique thing."

Instead, the suit could be used at theme parks or during corporate promotions to entertain onlookers. You could also get one to wear around the house!

Photo: Skeletonics


    Trying to figure out if the price and useless nature trumps the ability to walk around screaming, "Get away from her you bitch!"

    Tough one.

      I'll get one too so we can play "extreme scissors, rock, paper" together!

    I'm thinking it could be used as the base of a cosplay design or something. That said, the price is ridiculous for something completely analogue.

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