Aussie Jessica Estephan Becomes First Woman To Win A Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix

Aussie Jessica Estephan Becomes First Woman To Win A Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix

Photo: Wizards of the Coast

Sydney’s Jessica Estephan has become the first woman to ever win a Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix at the game’s Sydney meet over the weekend.

Estephan, along with Ryan Lewis-Jonns (Sydney) and Lachlan Saunders (Canberra), emerged victorious in the Team Grand Prix from a field of 350 entries, beating rivals from Australia and New Zealand to the prize.

The Magic Grand Prix has been running since 1997, so this has been a long time coming.

The winners, along with second, third and fourth place, have all earned an invitation to Magic’s Pro Tour 25th Anniversary in Minneapolis in August.

Lechlan Saunders, Ryan Lewis-Jonns and Jessica Estephan.Photo: Wizards of the Coast


  • 1) Good for her for winning the sydney grand prix

    2) Are we actually going to get anymore to this article besides the usual “oh hooray a woman won” platitudes? Would actuallybe nice to.. you know learn how she won? What deck she used? I mean for craps sake we get paragraphs worth of stuff on psuedo drama all the time and whenwe finally get something worth writing about we get a terribly written article like this?

    • Mate, you need to settle a bit. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that Luke isn’t a Magic expert – and I wouldn’t class myself as one either – and while it’s worthwhile noting that an Aussie, and an Aussie female has won a GP for the first time, that doesn’t mean the author is placed to do a deep dive into the tournament and how the meta played out, what decks were used, and so on.

      I hear what you’re saying and that you would like more indepth MTG coverage, particularly of this event, but there’s nicer ways to air feedback. And we’ve also done some MTG coverage in the past – I did a large story on the Melbourne GP a couple of years ago – and people weren’t especially interested. We don’t work 24/7, you know.

      • Can i ask why you single out Aussie here, wasn’t this event only for Aussies that passed the prequalifier?
        Edit: nvm, somehow missed nz entrants too

        • I would have assumed NZ entrants were welcome – they were at the last GP I attended, and nobody seemed to have any problems with it when (a few years ago now) I played a couple of PTQ’s. Esper Control FTW~

      • Sorry Alex but its still a terrible article IMHO.

        I dont expect Luke to know the full ins and outs of the meta.. heck im only a semi casual fan after giving up the game years back tgat some of the new mechanics are lost to me.. but come on a small blurb on deck color or play style wouldnt have hurt.

        I mean the missing deck type/color is the equivalent to stating a winner of a fighting game tournament and not mentioning their chosen character, a player in dota/lol and not mention their hero or sc2 without saying the race… heck even a splatoon 2 player and not mentioning weapon choice

        Its just a small nuance of information about the winner thats expected in competitive plays. Sure most ppl wont understsnd but the same can be said of all other games i mentioned unless you were into them. And then you would actually have some conversation about the player and the game

  • Awesome effort, hopefully i can make it into next years but i missed the qualifiers this time around. Go Dimir!!

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